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Every year, there are new and exciting innovations in green vehicles. Green Car Journal searches high and low and honors the best of the best in the automotive field. The magazine picks the very best in electrics, hybrids, high-efficiency combustion vehicles, and green technology for their Green Car Awards program. This year, BMW walked away with the prestigious 2020 Green Car Technology of the Year award. 

It’s no small thing for BMW, or any company, to make it through the magazine’s difficult vetting process. In fact, it’s a major accomplishment for an automaker. They are honored for their significant achievement of becoming finalists with the highly respected 2020 Green Car Product of Excellence designation. 

BMW had tough competition

In Green Car Journal’s “Green Car Technology” category, they honor enabling technologies and pick the most important one. The diverse group of finalists with the best innovations were:

  • Ford’s Modular Hybrid Transmission
  • Hyundai’s Continuously Variable Valve Duration
  • Tesla V3 Supercharging
  • Hyundai’s Active Shift Control
  • BMW Wireless Charging

Green Car Journal considered these technologies because they are instrumental in creating more environmentally-positive vehicles. For 2020, BMW’s Wireless Charging rose to the top and was honored with the Green Car Technology of the Year award. 

Other award categories for 2020 include Green SUV of the Year, Green Truck of the Year, Family Green Car of the Year, and Luxury Green Car of the Year. 

Their Green Car of the Year honor this year, which is the best green vehicle overall, was the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Corolla Hybrid. Winners are selected by an impressive jury that includes Green Car Journal editors, leaders of environmental organizations, and even car enthusiast Jay Leno. 

BMW wireless charging 

What make’s BMW Wireless Charging so important and innovative? Essentially, it is a brand-new direction for electric vehicle charging, and how they will be charged in the future.

Today, it’s featured on the BMW 530e plug-in hybrid vehicle. Using magnetic induction, the system wirelessly charges the batteries without ever having to plug it in. 

The system has two parts, a GroundPad, which is installed on a garage floor, and a CarPad, which is attached to the undercarriage. Inside on the center screen, drivers are guided to the precise proper position over the GroundPad when they park.

Then, the driver simply presses start and the magic begins. The vehicle is usually charged in about three and a half hours. The system senses when charging is complete and shuts off automatically. 

It works using an alternating magnetic field. This is generated between coils, one in the GroundPad and one in the CarPad. This transmits electricity without any cables. It gives people a very easy way to charge their electric or hybrid vehicles quickly, with a charge rate up to 3.2 kW. 

Green innovations

Winning the 2020 Green Car Technology of the Year award wasn’t the only way BMW was honored by Green Car Journal. They also recognize premium vehicles that are embracing hybrid, electric, and high efficiency technologies. BMW’s 745 was in the competition for 2020’s Luxury Green Car of the Year award. 

The BMW 745e xDrive puts out 389 horsepower and shoots from zero to sixty in 4.9 seconds. It’s powered by an integrated electric motor and a 6-cylinder traditional engine. It’s all-electric mode is perfect for local trips around town and short commutes. The 745e is efficient and also gives drivers all the BMW luxury they’re looking for. 

Being honored by winning Green Car Journals Green Car Technology of the Year paves the way for even more green innovations by the German car company. BMW’s wireless charging makes it easier than ever to reduce carbon emissions and fuel use on our nation’s highways. 


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