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The BMW iX3 is the brand’s latest EV, “SAV” (Sports Activity Vehicle), and it is eager to get the word out to as many potential customers as possible. One tried, and true method of marketing a vehicle is to partner with a blockbuster film that can serve prime product placement to an audience of millions. It is a tactic that Aston Martin and Land Rover are currently utilizing, and it appears to be working for them.

Nothing is bigger than Marvel Studios and their Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) when it comes to blockbuster films. For over 10 years, Marvel Studios has released hit movie after hit movie. Their most recent film, Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings is already breaking box office records, and thanks to a cross-promotional partnership, BMW is getting prime brand awareness from that success.

The BMW iX3 is the brand’s Tesla Model Y competitor

The new BMW iX3 EV crossover seen here in black with blue accents on the front bumper, and front grille.

BMW is making a deliberate shift to offering more electric vehicles. They are a bit behind when it comes to other German brands like Audi. On the other hand, BMW has the brand cache to take their time and ensure they get their execution right. If they hope to have a realistic shot against the juggernaut that is Tesla, BMW needs to make sure they come correct with their EV offerings.

The BMW iX3 is their shot across the bow at the Tesla Model Y, and it appears that both vehicles will be in approximately the same class. It should be noted that the BMW iX3 will have a range of “up to” 285 miles while the Tesla Model Y Long Range has an EPA estimated range of 326 miles. The BMW iX3 currently does not have a listed MSRP, but we speculate it will fall somewhere between $50,000 and $60,000 given the Model Y’s starting MSRP of $53,990 (before incentives).

Where the BMW iX3 could take the advantage over its competitors is its features and options. If there is anything BMW knows how to do, it’s option a vehicle. The “Inspiring” trim (yes, it is really called that) is said to include metallic paintwork, adaptive suspension, automatic tailgate operation, a panoramic glass roof, electrically adjustable seats, a sport leather steering wheel, a storage package, and a three-zone automatic climate control system with pre-heating and pre-conditioning function.

That is just some of the options that customers will choose from once the BMW iX3 launches.

The iX3 makes a cameo in ‘Shang-Chi’

All the options, tech, and EV range in the world will not mean anything if people do not know about the BMW iX3 in the first place. As previously mentioned, to help get people interested in their upcoming EV crossover, BMW teamed up with Marvel Studios to get product placement in Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings.

The product placement goes well beyond just the BMW iX3. The BMW M8 and the i8 also make appearances in the film. However, it is easily the iX3 that gets the most screen time. We won’t divulge any spoilers here, but there is an action-packed chase scene with the BMW iX3 front and center.

Considering that Shang-Chi has a global box office take of well over 100 million dollars, we have to assume at least some of that audience will express interest in the iX3.


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