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We love movie cars here at MotorBiscuit. Considering that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is more than twenty films and four streaming series in, plenty of MCU cars have had feature roles. Audiences have seen Tony Stark drive several futuristic Audis, Steve Rogers ride Harley-Davidsons, and Black Widow tear through Budapest in a BMW.

Though, not all the MCU cars have had starring roles or even prominently featured roles. Some very interesting cars have flown under the radar, possibly missed by fans. As major nerds and fans of obscure vehicles, we wanted to highlight some of the coolest cars in the MCU that you may have missed.

Volvo wagon from ‘Thor The Dark World’

A 1980s red Volvo wagon featured in "Thor The Dark World." One of the unnoticed MCU cars.
Volvo wagon from ‘Thor The Dark World’ | Marvel Studios

Thor The Dark World, is a polarising film among MCU fans. The villain turned some off while others didn’t buy the chemistry between ‘Thor’ and ‘Jane Foster’ played by Natalie Portman. We’re not here to get into that debate. We just want to talk about the unsung hero of the film.

When Thor and Jane escape Asgard and return to earth, the couple has to immediately get to their friends so they can stop the villain. Their only hope in their race against time? A vintage Volvo station wagon that still ran despite being abused and vandalized. The car carried Thor and his hammer “Mjölnir” to their destination, which technically means the Volvo is worthy, making it one of the coolest MCU cars on this list.

Land Rover Defender 110 Pickup Truck from ‘Avengers Endgame’

"Rocket Racoon" and "The Hulk" riding on the back of a Land Rover Defender 110 pickup truck in "Avengers Endgame." One of the most important MCU cars
Land Rover Defender 110 Pickup Truck seen in ‘Avengers Endgame’ | Marvel Studios

This car had the briefest appearance of any other vehicle on this list, yet it had one of the most significant visual impacts. Considering that Avengers Endgame is the biggest movie ever made in terms of box office, chances are you have probably watched it at least once. It is more likely that you’ve watched Avengers Endgame several times since its release.

What you may have missed is one of the essential MCU cars to grace the screen. In a scene in which Bruce Banner, AKA “Smart Hulk” and “Rocket Racoon,” travel to a small town to find fellow Avenger, Thor. The pair hitch a ride for the last few miles of the trip on a vintage Land Rover Defender 110 Pickup truck. Considering Hulk’s size and weight, it is a miracle that the truck managed the task. If it hadn’t, then perhaps the Avengers wouldn’t have been able to save half the universe!

Ford flathead hot rod from ‘Iron Man’

Ford flathead hot rod being worked on by Tony Stark in the film 'Iron Man'. One of the first major MCU cars.
Ford flathead hot rod as seen in ‘Iron Man’ | Marvel Studios

We wanted to save the best for last. Iron Man is considered by many (including us) to be one of the most important films in all of the MCU since it literally kicked it off. The first Iron Man film introduced the world to Tony Stark and showed off his incredible car collection. However, keen eyes will notice that there are only three cars Tony Stark touches throughout the entire film. One is his Audi R8; the second is a Shelby Cobra he lands on after crashing his prototype suit, and the third is a Ford flathead hot rod that he is working on at the beginning of the film.

Fun fact, in real life, that hot rod is owned by Iron Man’s director Jon Favreau. Favreau placed his hot rod in the film to show Tony’s connection between bleeding-edge tech and his appreciation for classic engineering. It was a critical moment that allowed fans to get to know Tony Stark a little better. That makes this hot rod easily the most sentimental among all the MCU cars.

We can’t wait to see what other vehicles show up in the upcoming MCU films. We expect our list to look much different in a few year’s time.


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