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The bed of your truck is where you can carry a lot of gear needed for work or play. The challenge some truck owners face is how to store items in the bed while having room for other materials. Some trucks, such as the Ram 1500, offer a solution with the side-bed RamBox storage system, but this system might not have enough space for your gear. Others turn to metal truck toolboxes that span the width of the truck bed, but this cuts down on the size of the bed itself.

Is there another solution? Yes, there is.

What is the Decked truck bed storage box system?

Decked is a company that produces a unique storage system for truck beds. This system consists of large, durable drawers that slide on installed rails, giving you a deep and useful storage area. On top of the drawers is a platform that’s perfect for your materials and payload. The Decked system is an innovative way to enjoy turning the bed of your truck into a trunk space with a pair of drawers while maintaining the usefulness of your truck.

How much can the Decked system hold?

Truck Using Decked System
Truck Using Decked System | Shutterstock

Car and Driver tell us the Decked system can hold up to 2,000 pounds on top of the platform above the drawers. This impressive number gives you the strength needed for anything you want to carry in your truck. If your truck isn’t rated to carry 2,000 pounds, you’re limited to its limit, but this number is generous for hauling and carrying the gear you’ll want to take with you.

Are Decked storage systems waterproof?

Yes, the Decked storage system is waterproof and lockable to keep your stuff out of sight. If you have valuable tools, this system protects them from the rain or water you splash up when out on the trails and keeps them secure behind a locked tailgate while in a locked drawer. This added security allows you to keep your truck loaded with the items you need at the job site every day.

Does Decked work with a bedliner?

You can install a Decked system when you have a bedliner installed in your truck. There could be some necessary adjustments to the bedliner to ensure the rails are secure in the bed. Still, you can keep your bedliner installed and protect areas of the bed that remain exposed after installation.

What are the pros and cons of this truck bed storage system?

To avoid this article sounding like a sales pitch for the Decked truck bet storage system, I offer pros and cons from Gear Junkie. This team tested this system for its long-term durability and usefulness.


  • Super durable and weatherproof
  • 200-pound storage capacity in each drawer
  • 2,000-pound payload on top of the drawer system
  • Fits most trucks easily
  • Customizable options to make the drawers useful for your needs
  • Smooth drawer operation
  • Excellent warranty
  • Lockable and secure


  • Expensive at approximately $1,499.00 (good value for the money)
  • Drawers don’t pull all the way out without disassembly
  • Takes up the majority of the height of the bed

Should you install the Decked system in your truck bed?

If you’ve been stumped for a way to store tools and materials you need every day while enjoying the entire depth and width of the truck bed for project items, this system works great for you. You might want to install extendable sides or put a cap on the bed to offer more height, but this system can help you keep everything secure and organized.

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