Consumer Reports Only Recommends 1 Full-Size 2022 Pickup Truck

New pickups must be able to work as hard as the trucks of yesteryear while competing with the comfort of a modern car. It’s a delicate balance that not every automaker can achieve. But the 2019-2022 Ram 1500 seems to have nailed it. The 2022 Ram 1500 is the only full-size truck that Consumer Reports recommends.

The 2022 Ram 1500 earned Consumer Reports’ highest full-size truck score

Promo shot of three different 2022 Ram 1500 pickup trucks parked by a rural pond in the summer.
2022 Ram 1500 trucks | Stellantis

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For 2022, the Ram 1500 is easily Consumer Reports’ highest-ranked truck. The 2022 Ford F-150 came in second place; however, it is still miles behind the latest Ram. No General Motors truck scored over mid-range.

The Ram’s highest scores included its transmission (an eight-speed ZF unit), its rear seat comfort, and its cargo area. Owners ranked it highly in driving experience and comfort.

The theme of the Consumer Reports’ Ram 1500 review could have been “thoughtful engineering.” The publication was very impressed with the way the truck handles storage spaces, both in the cab and in the bed. The Ram’s in-cab drink holders, trays, and compartments are all sturdy and well laid out. Owners can opt for a “cargo management system” of handy bed-top toolboxes.

The Ram lost its most points for its fuel economy. It is still powered by a naturally-aspirated V6 or a 5.7L HEMI V8. A mild-hybrid eTorque system adds a couple of mpg, but competitors are tossing V8s in favor of turbocharged and fully-hybrid V6s. That said, Ram offers the 1500 with the highly efficient EcoDiesel V6.

2019-2022 Ram 1500: a comfortable work truck

A red 2022 Ram 1500 work truck plowing the snow in a mountain pass.
2022 Ram 1500 | Stellantis

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With rear coil suspension and a cabin quieter than many cars, the Ram 1500 makes it easy to forget you’re driving a truck. Available air-ride suspension and surprisingly responsive steering add to the illusion. But the comfortable and well-appointed Ram is still a full-size truck with a half-ton rating. This comes with both pros and cons.

A fully-equipped Ram 1500 can tow up to 12,750 pounds. Its payload rating maxes out at 2,325 pounds. You can order this truck with a 6’4″ bed and even have it prepped for a snowplow. The 2022 Ram can even help you back up your trailer with its advanced driver-aid software.

One downside of the full-size truck is its lack of visibility over the hood and through its thick windshield pillars. But with blindspot detection, backup cameras, and available parking-assist, Ram has done its best to address this full-size truck problem as well.

2019-2022 Ram 1500: loses on mpg, cost, and braking

Closeup of the headlight of a 2022 Ram 1500 pickup truck.
2022 Ram 1500 Limited headlight | Stellantis

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The Ram 1500’s powerful top-trim V8 engine is not very fuel-efficient. Consumer Reports found its city fuel efficiency to be 11 mpg, its highway to be 24 mpg, and its combined to be 17 mpg. It earned a low fuel economy rating.

The owners who Consumer Reports interviewed loved their Ram 1500s. But many complained about the “value” offered by Ram. Consumer Reports agreed that while the Ram 1500’s interior leads its class, you would expect better quality at some mid-range trim levels. It earned an “average” rating for interior fit and finish.

Finally, the Ram’s long brake pedal travel does not match its responsive handling. Its stopping distance is average but has room for improvement. Consumer Reports gave the truck mid-range scores for both braking and emergency handling.

Read about the Ram 1500 trim levels or watch Consumer Reports take the 2019 Ram 1500 for a drive in the video below:

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