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Pickup trucks are awesome work vehicles because of the impressive towing capabilities and ample storage space available in most models. Even the smallest front cabs usually have storage compartments in the seatback, under the seat, or even underneath the floor. Better yet, the average bed on a full-size pickup is 6.5 feet long, and some models have even bigger ones.

Some popular truck makers put additional storage spaces in the truck beds themselves. This makes them great for tailgating parties or storing any cargo that you don’t want in the cab. Here are some storage compartments that function just as well as a regular car trunk.

Honda Ridgeline trunk

Most trucks only have smaller built-in compartments throughout the truck bed, but Honda managed to put a small trunk underneath the floor. The trunk measures in at seven cubic feet, not as much as the trunk you’d find on an average car, but suitable for work accessories.

Honda was able to accomplish this because the Ridgeline is built on a unibody construction rather than the standard body-on-frame foundation.

You can access this trunk by pulling a hinged panel near the gas struts. The trunk is also waterproof and lockable. Since the tailgate can be opened both vertically and horizontally, it’s easier to load the trunk without climbing into the bed.

Dodge RamBox

The Ram 1500 has a built-in management system called the RamBox. RamBoxes are deep, long pockets located on both sides of the Ram’s truck bed. These are available with 8.6 cubic feet of space for beds measuring six-foot-four and 7.3 cubic feet for five-foot-seven inch beds. This allows you to fit large items like shovels or golf clubs inside.

The boxes are weatherproof and have built-in drains. There are also lights placed on the interior of the boxes. If you need even more space, RamBoxes come with an adjustable truck bed extender and small nets that can be attached to the top of the storage cubbies.

Ford BoxLink

In 2015, Ford announced the addition of the BoxLink system in its pickup trucks. To provide consumers with more flexibility while securing their cargo, the BoxLink system features lockable cleats that run along the middle of the bed’s side interiors instead of on the floor. Drivers can also swap out the cleats with their own tie-down mechanisms.

While it’s not a sealed compartment, the BoxLink system is still excellent for transporting unconventional loads. Toolboxes and ladders can be secured to the side of the bed without taking up too much of the bed’s overall surface area.

Chevrolet Storage System

Chevrolet offers a Box Truck Storage System as an upgrade for its pickup trucks. This system consists of one heavy-duty top deck component and two long, plastic storage drawers. It’s made by the company ‘DECKED’ and custom-fitted to each truck.

With the top deck installed, you can still use the full length of the bed area for storage while keeping smaller items below. The top deck can hold up to 2,000 pounds and each drawer can hold up to 200 pounds. The drawers are weatherproof, lockable, and measure 76.88 inches in length.

Additional options

If your truck doesn’t come outfitted with these amenities, you can still install your own cargo management system. For example, if you want something similar to the RamBox, you can get a compartment installed on the back of your truck that works with a truck cover.

However, if you don’t want to sacrifice any space in the truck bed, you can buy cubbies that can be fitted along the sides of the bed. There’s also a storage compartment available that is custom-made to fit alongside the side of the bed without taking up too much room.