Best Used Family SUVs for Under $5,000

There are a lot of new SUVs on the market that are loaded with features and luxury, but parents know all too well that sometimes having nice things isn’t always the best way to go. We love our kids, but babies and toddlers are great at one thing: making messes. That doesn’t stop just because they are in your SUV, and no matter how much we try to keep juice in spill-proof cups and snacks neatly packed in bags, sometimes things don’t go as planned.

While having a high-end luxury SUV sounds nice, maintaining the expensive leather seats — which can be ruined by car seats — can be stressful. With these reliable used SUVs, you can be spending less than $5,000 and get a great vehicle, so you have more money to spend on what you love most: your family.

The 2005 Toyota RAV4

Buying a car that’s about to hit its 15th birthday doesn’t sound appealing to most people, but the 2005 Toyota RAV4 isn’t like most other used SUVs. Even for a 2005 model year, these handy SUVs can handle a lot of mileage, and they are rugged enough to survive off-road as well as your most nap-deprived three-year-old. The interior is spacious and comfortable, so you won’t have any problem fitting in car seats or separating your bickering pre-teens.

A Toyota RAV4 parked in a dealership lot
Toyota RAV4 | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The 2006 Honda Pilot is another SUV option

While the 2006 Honda Pilot is another older used SUV, it’s just as reliable and practical. You can consistently find them for around $5,000 even in good condition and with reasonable miles for the year. The V6 engine under the hood gives this family-oriented vehicle a surprisingly enjoyable ride and combined with a comfortable interior and smooth ride quality is a great option for driving to soccer practice or your daily commute to work.

green 2005 Honda Pilot from the side in a press photo against a white backdrop
2005 Honda Pilot | Edmunds

A popular choice year after year

The Honda CR-V is the popular family car of choice for many parents, but you don’t have to spend big bucks on the latest and greatest model year. The 2005 Honda CR-V is still just as reliable, and you can find them for around $5,000 in pretty good condition. For the most part, you won’t have to worry about them breaking down and leaving your family stranded on the side of the road. They are easy and inexpensive to maintain and even repair.

Honda CR-V Fairfax Media

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Buying a reliable family car doesn’t have to mean buying the latest and greatest vehicles to hit the dealership lot. According to Consumer Reports, these older SUVs offer all of the space and practicality your family could need, and for around $5,000 you won’t have to worry about large monthly payments, so you can spend money on the things that really matter.