Be Careful! Owners Get Locked Inside Lamborghini Aventadors

You expect a lot of wild things from Lamborghini. Crazy style, stupid-fast power, insane wings, gull-wing doors that lock you inside and don’t unlock. Wait, what? Yeah, if you buy a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ because it’s officially the fastest road-legal production car to lap the Nürburgring, also be aware of this. Once you step foot into an Aventador SVJ you might not get out. Yes, it’s true. Be careful; owners get locked inside Aventador SVJs.

A recall has just been issued for the Aventador SVJ because doors may not unlock from inside. Lamborghini says that the doors might have been installed incorrectly. They’re also saying a newly-hired assembly person on the line may be the culprit. How would you feel if you were the new dude on the assembly line and you alone caused a recall? Yikes!

A Lamborghini “non-properly trained new operator” installed a pin for the pull cable wrong

Kobe Bryant Lamborghini Aventador | Boosh Sports
Kobe Bryant Lamborghini Aventador | Boosh Sports

Here’s what the NHTSA report says, “a non-properly trained new operator may have not correctly engaged the Bowden cable pin inside the internal door handles.” So, if the pin was not installed properly it could fall out resulting in the cable not pulling on the release. The NHTSA says this could “pose an entrapment risk” over time. 

Getting into your new Aventador won’t be a problem, the outside handles aren’t affected. Also, if you opted for conventional doors as opposed to the optional gull-wing doors you’re golden. But who wants to imagine themselves pulling up to the yacht club or golf club valet and not making an exit through gull-wing doors? Every Lambo has to have gull-wing doors.

If this happens to you and your Aventador there are a couple of things you can do

Even if this does happen to you here’s a hint for escaping your dilemma; roll your window down and operate the outside door handle. This way you don’t have to break a window or freak out with the hot sun starting to melt your face off. But we doubt those who can afford a car like this would be freaked out much about anything.

Look at it this way; the optional fire extinguisher runs a cool $800. No, we’re not kidding. Do you think these owners care if they get locked into their $500,000 car? Or that they might have to break a chunk of glass to get out? No, they are not. Though, it should make them wince just a tad because if the fire extinguisher is $800 then a piece of side glass should be $10,000. We’re just guessing at that price.

Owners will be contacted unless they died locked inside of their Aventadors

In all there are 26 Aventador SVJ coupes and roadsters involved that have “Lambo doors” installed. They were built between December 3, 2019, and January 22, 2020. All 26 owners will be notified unless they were trapped in their Aventadors and died. Then next-of-kin will be asked to schedule an appointment with their Lamborghini dealership. Lamborghini says that about 40% of Aventador coupes and roadsters from that time period were affected.

At $500,000 per Aventador, this is embarrassing for Lamborghini. But not as much as it is for the new line worker that didn’t install the cable pin properly. 

To find out more information contact Lamborghini at 866-681-6276 or the NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline at 888-327-4236.