Battle of the Bikes: Will Honda, KTM, or Kawasaki Rider Take the AMA Supercross Victory?

Ken Roczen, Cooper Webb, and Eli Tomac are in the top three spots at the Arlington, TX AMA Supercross 2021. As the riders take a quick test ride over the track before racing, it’s hard to tell who is going to take it tonight. The heats feel chill, everyone is laying low for the main. But in tonight’s battle of the bikes, who is going to take the first place points?

Will it be Honda, KTM, or Kawasaki who takes the win tonight? Or could it be an underdog that rises to the top to take a win in the main? It’s anyone’s guess.

AMA Supercross points leaders

Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen are the points leaders at tonight’s AMA Supercross race in Arlington, TX. For now, here’s what the top 10 points standings look like. You can see that KTM rider Cooper Webb and Honda rider Ken Roczen are neck and neck for the No. 1 spot.

450SX Class Championship Standings:
1. Ken Roczen, Clermont, Fla., Honda (199)
2. Cooper Webb, Newport N.C., KTM (197)
3. Eli Tomac, Cortez, Colo., Kawasaki (175)
4. Justin Barcia, Greenville, Fla., GASGAS (153)
5. Malcolm Stewart, Haines City, Fla., Yamaha (143)
6. Marvin Musquin, Corona, Calif., KTM (135)
7. Aaron Plessinger, Hamilton, Ohio, Yamaha (134)
8. Zach Osborne, Clermont, Fla., Husqvarna (123)
9. Dylan Ferrandis, Lake Elsinore, Calif., Yamaha (121)
10. Adam Cianciarulo, New Smyrna Beach, Fla., Kawasaki (120)

As we begin the 2021 AMA Supercross race in Arlington, TX there is already talk of how hard it is to pass on this gnarly track. Moves are going to be made, clutch decisions are going to make or break heat after heat. Roczen leads in terms of points right now, but with Cooper Webb only 2 points behind, it could either the Honda or KTM rider’s race tonight.

Honda rider Ken Roczen and KTM’s Cooper Webb

Both of these athletes are winning. Astride epic factory-tuned race bikes, 2021 is already an interesting race season full of promise. Roczen seems to have put his injuries and winning drought behind him. At the Indianapolis triple-header, he won three races in a row. But Webb is worthy competition.

In 2019, KTM rider Cooper Webb took the title. Then in 2020, he achieved four wins. Houston, TX saw his first 2021 win. Then he dominated the doubleheader in Orlando.

This success in Orlando could tell us something about how tonight could go. The track footing is similar. A hardpacked and dry track is what Arlington typically has to offer these hardworking athletes and their bikes. Tonight appears no different. So could Webb take it tonight? Or with Roczen’s refined riding style take the traction in stride.

Eli Tomac in third for AMA Supercross points standing

Roczen went down in a heat race as I was writing this, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It’s still a race that either of these racers could win. That said, eyes turn to Eli Tomac. He took the 2020 title, but he doesn’t look anywhere near finished.

He may be 22 points behind, but Kawasaki rider Eli Tomac is known for exciting comebacks. So for now we will watch and wait. We can only get race results one way: racing. So let’s sit back and see how it turns out when these talented guys do what they do in that dirt in this AMA Supercross race in Arlington, TX.


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