Eli Tomac’s Dirt Bike

Over the last three seasons, we’ve watched Eli Tomac achieve a ton of wins and podium finishes aboard his Kawasaki KX450F motorcycle. Now, he’s won his first 450SX championship title. Obviously, he’s a fantastic rider with grit and determination. He also puts on a show every race with passes and crashes for the books. But what bike is he riding? It’s got to be amazing or else it wouldn’t be his. Here’s a peek into what makes Eli Tomac’s dirt bike so awesome.

He has dominated Motocross, but – despite being full time into Supercross since 2014 – the Supercross 450SX Championship title eluded him. Until the 2020 Supercross season. The 2020 racing season was abruptly halted along with every other sport due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. But on May 31, the races will resumed. And this season was one of the most memorable in Supercross history.

Now that Tomac won the season, his Supercross victory is on everyone’s radar. So, we thought it felt right to give a rundown of Eli Tomac’s dirt bike. You know, just in case you were wondering how hardcore it is.

Eli Tomac’s Supercross bike

Eli Tomac has made Kawasaki history as the rider with the highest number of Motocross wins on a Kawasaki dirt bike. He rides his KX450F dirt bike in both the Supercross and Motocross events. And, though you can buy a factory version for around 10 grand, Eli Tomac’s Kawasaki KX450F is worth about $50,000. So what sets Tomac’s KX450F dirt bike apart from the standard production version?

Tomac’s Monster Energy Kawasaki KX450 dirt bike

Tomac’s bike is equipped on another level, as expected. There’s an overwhelming list of tweaks and add ons that give this Kawasaki KX450F a uniquely pro status. Tomac’s dirt bike has strong MX rims, Dunlop tires. Eli Tomac likes a spring port, and he’s got his colored red. Just to make it pop. He supposedly has big hands, so he runs full waffles all the time, and there’s a carbon fiber guard on the front master. His mechanic says this is in response to some front brake issues the pro rider was having.

Speaking of carbon fiber. Eli Tomac’s KX450F is covered in it. Carbon guards the 270mm front rotor and billet Nissin caliper. This guard is provided by Carbon Spider. We see Carbon Spider products sprinkled all over Tomac’s dirt bike form the water pump covers to the skid plate, to the chain guide.

Eli Tomac's green Kawasaki kx450
Eli Tomac’s factory race build by Kawasaki | Dirt Bike Magazine

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Custom factory features

The motor is built in house by Kawasaki. While certain components like the dual option hole shot feature is outsourced, Kawasaki keeps the engine work close to home. Tomac’s KX450F dirt bike is equipped with a fully customized factory built Kawasaki motor. It is built exactly to his preference, with everything tuned exactly to his ride style. What he says goes, and the engine is built for Tomac alone.

Another cool feature is footpegs. Custom created titanium footpegs are made just for the hardcore dirt bike race life. These are actually insane looking and ridiculously strong.

Aggressive, custom made titanium Kawasaki Footpegs on Eli Tomac's race bike
Titanium Kawasaki Footpegs on Eli Tomac’s race bike | Dirt Bike Magazine

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Eli Tomac rides again

Will Tomac take the win next Sunday at the race in Utah? Maybe. Will we be eyeing his Kawasaki KX450F race bike either way? Definitely.