What’s so Great About Electric Dirt Bikes?

Sometimes modern upgrades have their pros and cons. Blowing full steam ahead doesn’t always come without its set backs and hiccups. Some game changing innovations are difficult to get used to –– or even come around to at all. It’s the time old tale of change. It doesn’t typically come easy.

As we move from a combustion past into an electrified future, it’s a little hard to let go of what we are used to. What’s so great about electric dirt bikes anyway?

Electric dirt bikes are quiet

Dirt bikes are one of the undisputed off-roaders of the world. They are small and agile with plenty of power for rock hopping. They do ok on the pavement, but they really start to show their fun side in loose dirt and gravel. These bike are made for hitting trails and going deep.

But combustion dirt bikes are so loud they can scare animals and people alike. As awesome as it would be, a dirt biker is usually not the only person trying to enjoy a little nature. The quiet of the electric dirt bike gives it a whole new skill set.

Now you can navigate an off-road trail without worrying about terrifying every animal pithing a mile radius. Also, it’s a lot easier for folks to share their trails with near silent dirt bikes than with the blaring combustion version.

While the nostalgic sound and feeling of the combustion might be a deal breaker for some, we think electrification is a positive innovation moving in the right direction.

Way less maintenance

According to Jet Charge out of Australia, these bikes need a lot less than their combustion engine counterparts:

“Electric motorcycles require a fraction of the maintenance of their counterparts. No spark plugs, coolant, oil changes or engine services. That saving comes on top of an already-reduced running cost from not needing fuel.”


This shows a seriously good side of electrifying dirt bikes. Less maintenance means more trail time.

Instant electric power

While a combustion motor gets its most efficient power in a limited sweet spot RPM range, an electric dirt bike is different. An electric dirt bike can use all of their power instantaneously.

It’s complete and it’s when you want it –– these bike have some cool capabilities. Placed in an all-terrain setting, this immediate torque maximizes the ability to overcome more intense obstacles.

Battery swapping technology

Since a dirt bike doesn’t need nearly as hefty a battery as a car, there is actually the option for swapping one depleted battery out for a fresh one.

So, while charging may not always be an option in the backcountry, you can keep your spare battery in your truck. Just go back to replace it when your range begins to dwindle.

Bye-bye kickstart

With the emerging electrified dirt bikes we begin to say goodbye to some long time habits and norms. One of them being the need to kickstart your dirt bike. With a combustion motor, kickstarting is key. For decades, kids have been working toward the day that they can finally kickstart their bike without help –– proving that they are ready to ride.

However, now that electric dirt bikes have hit the scene this rite of passage will eventually disappear. As electrics move in, kickstarting will become more and more obsolete for motorcycles.

Electric dirt bikes are a game changer

The electrification of the popular dirt bike is going to be a serious game-changer, altering ins and outs of the entire industry. The noise, the maintenance, the power, the option for battery swapping, and the phasing out of the kickstart will see gradual but massive up turns for dirt biking.