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The Lone Star State’s sprawling landscapes are ideal for scenic road trips. But some scary stretches have bewitched motorists for decades. Indeed, several allegedly haunted roads in Texas have disturbing backstories. Some are better known among locals, while others have gained national notoriety. Here are three reportedly haunted roads in Texas whose tales might make driving on them an eerie event.

Bragg Road in Saratoga is arguably the most haunted road in Texas

Some say Bragg Road in Saratoga is the most haunted road in Texas. Many even call it “Ghost Road.” Located in Big Thicket, this route has gained a reputation for how dark it gets at night due to the dense woods running alongside it. The road stretches for about eight miles, and many say it’s even creepy in the daylight. In addition, there have been numerous supernatural sightings on the remote road.

Among the most prominent pieces of lore related to Bragg Road is “The Light of Saratoga” legend. According to the urban legend, a bright white light appears and disappears throughout the night. The source is supposedly from a railroad worker decapitated in a horrendous accident. His ghost shines a lantern while searching for his disembodied head.

Also, due to the road’s remote location, it’s not the most pleasant driving experience. Bragg Road often floods, and trees fall into the path. Still, ghost hunters and the curious travel far and wide to try to glimpse apparitions.

Goatman’s Bridge is among the creepiest roads in Texas

Another reportedly haunted road in Texas is a bridge. Old Alton Bridge crosses Hickory Creek and connects Denton to Copper Canyon. However, cars no longer use the bridge, technically a truss, because it’s only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. Before its replacement, drivers had to honk so other motorists knew they were entering Old Alton. As of 2001, primarily only people on foot use the outdated bridge.

So, how did Old Alton get the “Goatman’s Bridge” nickname and become one of the most haunted roads in Texas? Many locals believe a part-goat/part-man lives in the muddy waters under the bridge. The alleged “Goatman” stands eight feet tall and has a human torso and arms. However, the creature has a goat’s hindquarters and hooves. He also has glowing eyes and huge horns.

According to the legend, a goat farmer murdered on the bridge made a deal with the Devil to save him. So, Satan turned him into a satyr-like beast. Since then, the Goatman has guarded the bridge, appearing when people call his name. Supposedly, sightings of the horrific creature have resulted in bizarre disappearances. Some believers even think Goatman’s Bridge is a portal to Hell. They claim that people who’ve crossed the truss at precisely 3 a.m. have experienced visions of fire and brimstone.

Other legends say a woman also haunts the bridge. The Goatman stole her baby, and now she wails at night while grieving her lost child. People have reported seeing her in the middle of the bridge before vanishing. These paranormal activities make Goadman’s Bridge one of the most haunted roads in Texas.

Stagecoach Road in Marshall has a mysterious history

Texas haunted roads; abandoned feed mill and grain silos - Marshall, Texas
An abandoned feed mill and grain silos in Marshall, Texas | Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Another dreadful stretch is Stagecoach Road, located in the state’s northeast city of Marshall. As the name suggests, this road saw plenty of pre-Civil War stagecoaches traveling to and from Shreveport, Louisiana. According to the Historical Marker Database, Stagecoach Road is a registered historical site. Nowadays, people come from all over, searching for proof of the supernatural.

One of the most widespread stories of Stagecoach Road is of a mother from ages ago. According to the tale, she drowned her two kids. Upon hearing of the murders, the townspeople hunted down and killed her. Motorists driving on this stretch have reported seeing ghostly young kids, usually a girl. However, some eyewitnesses have claimed to have spotted the apparition of the woman searching for her children.

Beyond the strange sightings, the road looks downright spooky with overgrown trees. Would you visit Stagecoach Road knowing it’s among the most haunted roads in Texas?