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2019 Ford Ranger FX2
Trucks & SUVs

Ford Ranger Gets FX2 Off-Road Package

For those of you who want a Ford Ranger with more off-road capability but don’t necessarily need four-wheel drive, Ford finally has a solution. The Ranger FX2 was designed to do exactly that. FX2 Off-Road Package With a more urban market in mind, the FX2 off-road package brings a few changes to the 2020 Ford …

Stacks of car tires
Hybrids & Electrics

Best Tires for an Electric Vehicle

Your electric vehicle needs to be fitted with tires that will be durable and quiet to ensure an optimal driving experience while extending your car’s driving range. Low-rolling-resistance, green car, or eco tires are engineered to either help improve your car’s fuel economy, or for use in electric vehicles. When tire shopping for your EV, …