The Cheapest Audi SUV Is the New Q3

The 2019 Audi Q3 is the latest small SUV from Audi. While the Q3 has been around since 2015, Audi redesigned the Q3 for the 2019 model year. Not only does the Q3 come with newly implemented features, but its retail price makes it the cheapest Audi SUV, and one of the cheapest SUVs in the market today. Let’s take a closer look at what the 2019 Q3 comes with courtesy of our friend Doug DeMuro.


While the previous SUV model could only produce 200 hp, the 2019 Q3’s engine produces 230 hp which is a substantial increase. The power comes from a four-cylinder turbocharged engine which is coupled to an automatic eight-speed transmission and Audi’s all-wheel drive. The car’s direct steering further enables the Q3 to achieve a sense of agility.

Exterior and interior

2019 Audi Q3 Interior
2019 Audi Q3 Interior | Audi

With Audi opting for an evolutionary approach to its redesign rather than a revolutionary one, the new Q3’s exterior shares a few similarities with older models. The car still has major differences with the prior model with its interior sporting a more modern feel as well as improved features and technology.

In the old Q3, the gauge clusters were fixed in place and difficult to configure. The 2019 Q3 sees Audi replace the gauge cluster with a standard configurable ten and a quarter inch screen that enables you to cycle through different menus giving you access to various pieces of information. You also have the option of upgrading to the thirteen-inch screen if you prefer.

Another change in the 2019 Q3 sees improvements made to the climate control. Audi opted against its traditional switches, going for newer, more modern, and easier to comprehend climate controls instead. This makes it easier for drivers to turn the air conditioning and heat on or off.

2019’s Q3 also sees its infotainment screen integrated into the center control stack shifting away from what older models used. The screen comes in different sizes and has touchscreen capabilities and great resolution despite being the cheapest Audi SUV.

2019 Audi Q3
2019 Audi Q3 | Audi

While there have been several additions to the Q3, there are still a few things that remain the same. Features like the car’s gear lever and Audi’s old folding key remain the same. While the folding key is a nifty design, it is a bit of a strange inclusion for the Q3 to have since the car is a push-button start vehicle.

Technology is not the only improvement made to the 2019 Audi Q3. One of the other big improvements Audi has made to the Q3 is the available room, especially in the rear. With the new Q3 being almost four inches longer than the older model, Audi has been able to increase the legroom for rear passengers.

Although interior space is not as big as that found in some SUVs, you are still able to sit comfortably without having to move the front seats ahead. The cargo area also seems to be quite substantial than that normally available in small SUVs.

The Q3 also features Audi’s new turn signal design which sees the car’s rear turn signals get the sweeping turn light design in addition to the standard solid light to comply with American regulations. The front turn signal sees a more subtle change that gives it a more modern look than that in older Q3 models.


The Q3 starts at $36,000 with the one featured costing $41,000 and is fitted with features like a panoramic sunroof and various safety features such as lane detection warning and blind-spot monitoring.

The Q3 might not give you the same luxurious driving experience of some of the other Audi models, but you still get value for your money, making the Q3 perfect for those who are looking for a small and affordable option.