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Fareed Osborne

Fareed Osborne is a contributing writer for MotorBiscuit.

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A red Honda CR-V on displat at an auto show
Trucks & SUVs

Does the Honda CR-V Have Android Auto?

The Honda CR-V is one of the most popular cars in the world. Does this popular SUV come standard with Android Auto and other infotainment features?
A model poses next to a NISSAN Altima at the Seoul Motor Show 2019 at KINTEX
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Does the Nissan Altima Have What It Takes to Compete With the Honda Accord?

Those in the market for a midsize sedan may have narrowed the search down to the Nissan Altima and Honda Accord. While there are certainly loyalists on both sides of the fence, there’s plenty to consider for others still weighing their options. Touring the key features and updates of each should help level the playing …
A new Honda Pilot parked in a driveway
Trucks & SUVs

How Reliable Is the Honda Pilot?

The Honda Pilot has been around almost 20 years now. During that time it has established itself as a safe and reliable SUV.
The 2019 Ram Power Wagon heavy duty truck is introduced at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) at the Cobo Center
Trucks & SUVs

This Is the Biggest Mistake People With Lifted Trucks Make

If lifting your truck to fit 37-inch tires is the ultimate modification, no amount of support or dissuasion is going to matter to you. It’s your monster truck dream, and you’re building it the way you want it. There is one consideration, however, that many riding the high-suspension wave tend to overlook. It’s a fairly …
2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk

Does the Jeep Cherokee Have Android Auto?

One of the aspects Jeep fans appreciate about their beloved brand is the automaker’s ability to improve on its classic design with innovative additions that enhance the vehicle’s functionality. One example is the inclusion of Android Auto. Like its larger, mid-size cousin, the Grand Cherokee, the compact crossover Cherokee also features the latest in technology. …
2019 Chevrolet Traverse High Country

Does the Chevrolet Traverse Have Android Auto?

There are plenty of reasons why the Chevrolet Traverse remains a popular contender in the mid-size SUV market. The manufacturer offers plenty of top-shelf options, not the least of which is its technology package. In fact, Chevy was among the first automakers to begin including the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay infotainment centers as standard …
2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
Automotive News

How Safe Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Fans of Jeep’s midsize SUV, the Grand Cherokee, will find plenty to appreciate about the 2020 model. Both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety provided favorable reviews overall for the Grand Cherokee’s safety.  In fact, Jeep appears to have successfully managed complaints that plagued earlier models, including the 2011‘s faulty …
Ford Explorer Hybrid parked in sand

How Reliable Is the Ford Explorer?

Although the Ford Explorer has enjoyed a long reign on the American SUV landscape, it’s not been without its share of recalls, complaints, and overall design issues. Unfortunately, with a history that extends back to 1991, encompassing six generations of production, each version holds its own distinct idiosyncrasies. A look at the highs and lows …
A Subaru Outback is unveiled at the New York International Auto Show

This Is the Best Used Subaru Outback to Look For

With the rising cost of new vehicles continuing to exceed that of a healthy down payment on a house, it’s no wonder many people are turning to the used car ranks for their next set of wheels. As anyone who’s spent time scouring the ads, lots, and yards for a buried treasure can attest, it’s …
a truck driving down country road
Trucks & SUVs

Does the Toyota Tundra Have Apple CarPlay?

One of the reasons the Toyota Tundra remains firmly placed among favorite pickup trucks is its reliability. As a staple on the American landscape since 1999, the Tundra’s 2020 model is poised to hit the roadways with some much-anticipated updates. Chief among them are standard features that are certain to raise the popularity flag among …
Honda Ridgeline Black Edition parked in front of the horizon
Trucks & SUVs

What CNet Hated About the Honda Ridgeline

While CNet found plenty to love about Honda’s mid-size pickup, the 2019 Ridgeline, the reviewers also noted some shortcomings.  The top-rated 3.5-liter, V6 ranked a solid four out of five stars in the Roadshow Editor’s Choice awards and garnered a consistent eight out of 10 overall rating for performance, features, design, and media. Still, CNet …
Truck tire tracks in the snow
Trucks & SUVs

What Type of Truck Tires Do You Need?

Some people mistakenly assume truck tires should be aggressive and rugged-looking. Let's look at the available options and dispel this myth.