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So, you’ve taken on the task of teaching your teenager to drive. Moments before you’re set to hit the road you feel the sweat starting to bead on your forehead as you begin to question your sanity. You needn’t be in such a panic, however, if you’ve taken the proper precautions and lined up a GMC Sierra for your teen driver’s training vehicle.

In fact, U.S. News & World Report gives a safety ranking of 8.3 out of 10 based on NHTSA crash test scores. The GMC Sierra’s tech and safety features provide distinct advantages, especially for those just learning to take the wheel. Once licensed as an official driver, continue to ensure his safety by reinforcing good driving habits with teen driver settings.

A white GMC Sierra on display
A 2017 GMC Sierra on display at an auto show | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Teen driver functionality on the GMC Sierra

Setting specific parameters on your truck that encourages safe driving is a key safety feature. Teen driver functionality is activated by the settings in the key fob. It helps reinforce good driving habits by reminding your teen when he’s losing focus or going over the speed limit. The driver cannot turn off the settings you’ve secured with your pin.

There are plenty of options that come with this setting.

Volume control

There’s no reason why enjoying some tunes while driving needs to be omitted. Alleviate your concerns with the volume control feature that allows the best of both worlds. Your teen driver can still hear what’s going on around him while listening to their favorite rhythms.

Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning

The lane departure warning notifies the driver when he’s drifting out of his current lane without intentionally steering or using a turn signal. The icon turns amber, beeps are sounded, and the steering input device engages briefly to help guide the driver back into his lane.

Set the speed warning

As the experienced driver, you can engage the Speed Warning device on your GMC Sierra. It simply allows you to set a high-speed limit. A warning chime alerts the driver when he’s gone over the limit and reminds him to slow down. It’s located within the Driver Information Center with the gauge cluster and configured through the settings menu.

Rear vision camera

Standard on the GMC Sierra, the rear vision camera provides the driver with a view on the infotainment display of what’s directly behind the vehicle. At speeds below 5 mph, it assists with avoiding objects while in reverse.

Front and rear park assist

Another standard feature on the GMC Sierra Denali, the front and rear park assist uses ultrasonic sensors located on the front and rear bumpers to detect objects while backing into a parking space.

At speeds below 5 mph, the sensors can detect objects up to eight feet behind and four feet in front of the vehicle. Like the rear vision camera, the parking assist is displayed on the infotainment screen.

When the vehicle is too close to an object the safety feature beeps twice, and if connected to the safety alert seat, the driver also feels it pulse.

Forward collision alert

Using camera and radar sensors, the driver is alerted when a possible collision situation occurs with the vehicle or object directly in front of your vehicle.

The dash display is green when following at a safe distance and turns to yellow when too close. If a crash is imminent, the screen’s distance indicator turns red and the warning sensor beeps. The driver’s seat may also pulse if equipped with the safety alert seat feature.

Thanks to the added safety features GMC has provided in the Sierra, you can breathe a little easier when your teen transitions through the driving right of passage.