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Arnold Schwarzenegger monster trucking over another car in a big SUV sounds like a scene in one of his legendary films. Unfortunately, this stunt wasn’t planned. U.S. media reports that Schwarzenegger crashed his GMC Yukon into a Toyota Prius at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue in LA. A couple of other cars got wrapped up in the impromptu action movie scene, too. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger standing in the street after Car accident between his GMC Yukon and a Toyota Prius
Arnold Schwarzenegger post car accident | Youtube via Fox 11 News

Arnold Schwarzenegger parked GMC Yukon on a Toyota Prius in a bizarre car accident

We still don’t have many details on this wild action movie star car crash, but it seems that while Schwarzenegger made it out injury-free, it seems that the woman driving the Toyota Prius may have sustained some injuries. Reports suggest that she was taken to a nearby hospital with a cut on her head. The crash happened only a mile from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house. 

Local authorities say that Schwarzenegger turned left while the arrow was still red. Although the Terminator is believed to have caused the car accident, the police didn’t take any legal action at the scene. 

How did the car accident get so dramatic?

As we previously said, the actor must have turned left into the oncoming Prius. The photos show a fairly dramatic scene where the actor’s black GMC Yukon is sitting on top of the Toyota Prius, monster truck style. The car accident had enough force to set off Yukon’s airbags. 

Aside from the GMC Yukon and Toyota Prius, a parked Toyota Corolla and a white Porsche Taycan also appear to have been damaged during the madness. 

As noted by CarScoops, ​​the Los Angeles Times reports that the actor expressed concern about the woman’s welfare and spoke with police. 

“Neither alcohol nor drugs are suspected as a factor in this collision,” the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed in a statement. “All parties remained at the scene. No further information will be made available.”

How many cars does Arnold Schwarzenegger have? 

Frankly, it’s hard to know. He seems to have a fairly typical rich person situation of a rotating list of 20 or so cars that he famously owns, and likely dozens more that come and go. 

Our favorite Austrian has a fairly diverse car collection. However, there is certainly a well-established theme in his taste. Sure, Arnold Schwarzenegger owns some sports cars and flashy classics, but the defining cars of his collection are without question the many Hummers. 

Hearing that Arnold crashed his hulking SUV into/on top of someone’s car is exactly the car headline we’d expect coming from Schwarzenegger. Although the car he was driving wasn’t a Hummer, it just as easily could have been. 

We are glad that the crash wasn’t worse than it was. With all due respect to all parties involved, could you imagine an SUV driving over the top of your car and then Arnold Schwarzenegger climbs out? What a trip. 


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