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The Apple Car is an idea that the Cupertino tech giant has been experimenting with for around 10 years. However, after spending years on the project, the company has finally decided to discontinue its efforts to produce its EV. Instead, sources suggest that Apple employees who were engaged in the project will focus on generative AI moving forward. 

Apple has reportedly closed the door on its car initiative to focus its attention on generative AI 

The Apple Car initiative is reportedly being abandoned after years of delays and slowed progress. Instead, Apple employees who were working on “Titan” will shift their focus to working on generative artificial intelligence (AI). 

A source “familiar with the matter” told Reuters of the abandoned initiative. Should the move prove permanent, it’ll spell the end for the car. Unfortunately for those anticipating the company’s mobility solution, it’s the latest in a string of disappointments. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook smiles at a media event.
Apple CEO Tim Cook | Josh Edelson, AFP via Getty Images

For instance, Apple intended to release its electric car in 2026 as a fully self-driving option, qualifying as SAE 5 above levels 3 and 4. Then, the company walked those targets back. Instead of a 2026 release and SAE 5, the would-be Apple Car might have hit the streets in 2028 with a Level 2+ application. 

What’s more, the concepts during the development of Apple’s EV were less than confidence-inspiring. Teasers suggested the car would take the aesthetic and experience of a soulless mobility solution. If that solution were, well, you know, designed by Apple. In fact, initial plans suggested a car without pedals and a steering wheel.

Taking a look at the concept art suggests it should be carefully curating a playlist rather than taking you anywhere. One thing is for sure: it would’ve been a musical ride. Either way, we shouldn’t expect a self-driving, autonomous vehicle from the company anytime soon. However, the tech giant’s strides in AI could impact mobility moving forward.