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The Ford Mustang enjoyed thorough modernization with the sixth generation (S550) car. Even better, the upcoming seventh generation (S650) car unveiled a new interior with a bigger, more advanced infotainment system. However, does the current S550 Ford Mustang offer Apple CarPlay? Moreover, what kind of connectivity does the new 2024 S650 Ford Mustang have?

Does the Mustang have Apple CarPlay?

Yes, some of the latest Ford Mustangs from the sixth generation, or S550 generation, have Apple CarPlay. The entry-level EcoBoost goes without the software and offers a 4.2-inch screen with Ford’s Sync system. Apple CarPlay, along with Android Auto, makes its appearance in the EcoBoost Premium and is available in higher trims. The EcoBoost Premium also packs Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system with an 8-inch touchscreen. 

The S550 Ford Mustang has Apple CarPlay across most trims.
Ford Mustang interior | Ford

That’s not surprising, considering many of the Ford Mustang’s competitors pack the Apple software already. For instance, every 2023 Chevrolet Camaro trim has Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a WiFi hotspot.  

What year did Mustangs get Apple CarPlay?

Ford started offering Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and the Sync 3 system in the Mustang for the 2017 model year, right before the design refresh in 2018. That’s a step up from the comparatively antiquated Ford Sync system. Still, every model year since 2017 neglected to implement the higher-tech mobile phone connectivity across the trim lineup; instead, TrueCar says only the Premium trims got the Apple treatment. 

The S550 Ford Mustang blasts down a coastal road.
Ford Mustang GT Performance Package | Ford

The Dodge Challenger, like the Chevrolet Camaro, offers the connectivity software standard with voice command. Of course, the Challenger starts at a higher price point than the less-equipped Ford Mustang EcoBoost base. 

What kind of infotainment system is in the new S650?

The upcoming seventh-generation Mustang, the S650, will have Ford’s Sync 4 system, the newest infotainment system that the marque offers. Until now, the Sync 4 was only available in the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the marque’s larger vehicles, like the 2022 Bronco and 2022 F-150. The new Mustang’s system will include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, while the Mustang’s standard prior to the new generation was an 8-inch touchscreen in the Premium trims, the new Mustang gets an upgrade. 

Instead of the smaller infotainment screen, the 2024 Ford Mustang has a 13.2-inch screen that blends into the massive 12.4-inch digital and customizable gauge cluster. Also, the new car has optional wireless phone charging to complement smartphone connectivity. 

The S650 Mustang has Apple CarPlay and a Sync 4 infotainment system.
The new S650’s interior | Ford

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Can you add CarPlay to an older Mustang?

Luckily, older Mustangs can get the smartphone connectivity treatment. For instance, earlier fifth-generation (S197) Ford Mustangs pack a much more dated analog head unit than modern sixth-generation cars. However, the retro-inspired Mustangs are willing recipients of modern touchscreen units with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For instance, vehicles like the 2008 Ford Mustang have boxy head units like the Shaker 1000 audio system.

As a result, owners can easily pull the original system out and replace it with a touchscreen system that not only adds convenient connectivity but also modernity to the car’s interior. Better yet, many high-tech replacement head units cost considerably less than $500. It’s a must if you want to bring your older Mustang up to more contemporary standards. Scroll down to the following article to read more about Ford Mustangs!