Americans Can Finally Drive Across the Canadian Border Again But the Border is Slammed

In the ultimate example of not knowing what you’ve got till it’s gone, the Canadian border has been closed to Americans since March of 2020. As the novel Coronavirus was picking up steam and freaking the world out, Canada blocked Americans, and for good reason, as we also closed our borders. Now, after nearly a year and a half, Canadians are graciously letting their friends from the south drive across the border once more for their end-of-summer road trips. The newly opened northern border is definitely giving off Vietnam war vibes as the border is flooded with American drivers trying to get to greener pastures. 

The American / Canadian border is not a two-way street

Although the Canadian border is open to Americans, the American border is still closed to our Canadian friends. The U.S. recently extended its border closure to August 21st. In efforts to keep transmission down, the border is only open to fully vaccinated US citizens, though unvaccinated children under age 12 are also allowed to travel to the north country. But that’s not the only restriction. 

Every American traveler hoping to drive into Canada will still need a negative COVID test. With that in mind, travelers must have a quarantine plan in case they test positive. 

Although the Canadian Border is open that doesn’t mean it’s simple to get in

U.S. Border Agents Rely On Technology to keep tabs on the Canadian border
A U.S. Border Patrol Agent patrols U.S. Canada border | Darren McCollester/Newsmakers)

According to Motor1, although the Canadian border is open to vaccinated Americans now, the Canadian government is still not playing with us. In order to get in, Americans have to upload their travel plans and vaccination records to the Canadian government’s ArriveCAN platform 72 hours before arriving in the country. Be warned; travelers who fail to do this step will be promptly turned away. 

The Canadian government is also suggesting that road trippers keep their negative COVID test, vaccination records, a list of recently visited locations, and of course, a passport on them at all times. 

Despite the laundry list of rules and regulations for getting in, photos of the Canadian border show a border slammed with Americans trying to get to the friendly, less viral north. At first glance, it may seem like Americans taking their first shot at getting the heck out of our strange nation of “personal liberties above all else”. While there are plenty of reasons to fleet our land of the (unvaccinated) free, the Canadian border is also a common summer road trip destination.

Crossing the Canadian border is the start of a great summer road trip


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The great white north is a slamming location to execute a monster road trip. There is a long history between the two neighboring nations, traveling back and forth with ease. There is a massive tourist market built on the back and forth of Americans and Canadians visiting border towns like Niagra falls. 

One of the finest road trips in North America is the route around the coast of Nova Scotia. Although this wild and rugged coastline splattered with lighthouses is one of the best, it is still only one of many incredible road trip routes stretching across Canada. Before shuffling off a big Canadian road trip, always make sure your car is up for the journey.

Like the U.S., Canada is a massive country with sprawling landscapes and dramatic natural environments that mirror our own in many ways, but just a bit colder.