A Used Infiniti QX60 Is a Great Family-Friendly SUV If You Overlook 1 Problem

While other midsize luxury SUVs often overshadow it, the Infiniti QX60 presents a variety of appealing qualities and is a solid option to buy used. The Infiniti QX60 is a polished ride that can accommodate a large family. It’s also one of the more fuel-efficient options in the luxury SUV class. However, the QX60’s main drawback might be too much for some buyers to overlook.

Overview of the QX60 

Affordability is a huge selling point of the Infiniti QX60. This SUV offers both luxury and value, which sets it apart from its competitors. Although, the QX60 is celebrated more for its comfortable interior and less for its performance. 

The QX60 has a spacious cabin and can seat up to seven people across its three rows. It also gets bonus points for offering a third-row seat that even adults will find comfortable. Plus, the QX60 is known for its ritzy cabin that’s nicely finished with leather and wood trimmings. 

The earlier model years, including the 2013-2016 generation, are appealing because of the cheaper cost. But as U.S. News notes, the base engine on the older model years is sluggish. You’ll want to consider the 2017 version and up for a more compelling V6 engine. You’ll also want to shop the newer models for the available advanced safety equipment and updated infotainment system. 

Low cost of ownership is a highlight 

A red 2019 Infiniti QX60 Limited driving around the city.
2019 Infiniti QX60 Limited | Infiniti

U.S. News especially recognizes the QX60 for its low projected ownership costs. If you choose the 2017 model, for instance, the predicted five-year ownership costs are $27,330. These expenses include gas, maintenance, and insurance. Based on this information, the QX60 is one of the most affordable luxury SUVs you can own. U.S. News has also awarded the QX60 as the best luxury three-row SUV for the money several times.

Furthermore, the QX60 is one of the best luxury SUVs to buy lightly-used because of its high depreciation rate. According to an iSeeCars.com study, the QX60 has a three-year depreciation rate of 51 percent. The QX60’s lack of popularity is most likely why it depreciates faster than other models. 

But the QX60 has below-average reliability ratings 


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The QX60 isn’t as impressive when you consider its predicted reliability ratings. Both U.S. News and Consumer Reports have given the QX60 low dependability ratings. CR gave the 2014-2016 QX60 model years its worst possible score for reliability. These ratings reflect the NHTSA vehicle recalls on the model. For instance, the 2014 QX60 has seven safety recalls, and the 2015 version has three. The recalls are related to problems with the QX60’s airbags and service brakes.

Depending on where you look, the 2017 QX60 is one of the more dependable versions to buy. CR gave this version a favorable rating while U.S. News still ranked it as below-average. We agree more with the U.S. News in this case because the NHTSA recalled the 2017 QX60 twice. In fact, the 2020 model year is the only version without any recall actions at this point. 

Other options to consider

The QX60 does have few things going for it, but there are few more reliable options to consider. You might want to shop for used Lexus RX models that are available with a third-row. The Acura MDX is also a worthy choice.