A Mercedes-Benz and Airstream Camper Collab Just Makes Sense

With the RV industry thriving, there are certain things that just make sense. A Mercedes-Benz and Airstream camper RV collaboration is definitely one of them. The Airstream Interstate or Airstream Atlas is like a luxury hotel on wheels and it’s ready for your next family road trip. Mercedes-Benz brings all of the advanced safety features and technology. Airstream adds finesse to camper living.

The 2019 Airstream Interstate 19 model camped out on a soft grassy plain
The 2019 Airstream Interstate 19 | Airstream

Together, Mercedes-Benz and Airstream make a great team. The 2020 Airstream Interstate camper RV is a prime example of what is possible with the joining of these two impressive brands. In addition, the new Airstream Atlas is also a great champion for the collaboration.

Mercedes-Benz chassis

When it comes to building motorhomes on a Mercedes-Benz chassis isn’t unheard of. In fact, other big names like Winnebago build over the Mercedes chassis. The chassis from the amazing lounge version of the Interstate Motorhome gives this camper RV a ton of features. For example, the 2020 model year gets all of the new grille updates, Airstream badging, and exterior style updates.

Commercial vehicles of the Sprinter type are built at the Mercedes-Benz AG Ludwigsfelde plant
Mercedes Sprinter | Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

On top of that, this Mercedes-Benz and Airstream Atlas receives the 3-liter diesel power plant. This Mercedes-Benz engine delivers power to the wheels with a new 7-speed automatic transmission. The older ones, however, came with a 5-speed option instead.

Airstream and Mercedes-Benz camper RV warranty updates

In the video above, the speaker talks a little bit about the improved warranty. There is, of course, a 36,000 mile warranty for the Mercedes-Benz chassis and the Airstream camper RV. However, there is also an updated 5 year bumper to bumper warranty that covers the powertrain too––according to the 2020 Airstream Interstate video tour.

Surely, one can imagine how any amount of extra warranty coverage is a great benefit. If in the process of enjoying your Airstream and Mercedes-Benz camper RV something goes wrong, you’ll have a backup plan. Plus, anytime a warranty covers an expense is a massive win when it comes to RV repairs.

A luxury apartment you can take with you

The all-new Airstream Atlas is practically a portable luxury apartment. Plush leather trim all around, power seats, and full kitchen––the works. The Atlas is the largest and most luxurious of the Airstream and Mercedes-Benz blend. Either of these Airstream motorhomes, however, possess the engineering and drivability of a Mercedes. Plus, they also get thoughtful and well-made designs from Airstream.

As the largest Mercedes-Benz and Airstream Motorhome, the Airstream Atlas features a brand new Mercedes-Benz chassis. Plus, the interior stacks luxury on top of luxury so that you can feel right at home anywhere the road takes you. From the TVs to the full kitchen, to the lounge seating––this Airstream camper RV is a gorgeous be wheeled haven that’s ready for your next adventure.

airstream interstate floor plan bird's eye view
Airstream Interstate floor plan | Airstream

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Even the RV hookups are all easily accessible. Everything in the design looks like its been well thought out and modified over generations. Even a beginner can quickly learn the ropes of the RV lifestyle with the user-friendly setup. Additionally, as both of these Airstream motorhomes are built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis, a beginner RV driver will feel at ease as well. From advanced backup camera technology to modern driver assistance features––a Mercedes-Benz and Airstream collab just makes sense.