A Glow In The Dark Aston Martin Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

As a child, I remember loving everything that glowed in the dark. From fireflies to stickers, there is just something magical about anything that gave off that little bit of light to break through the darkness. Combining something like glow-in-the-dark paint with an artistically designed car like an Aston Martin and you might just feel like a child all over again. 

Aston Martin’s timeless design

Designed with the golden ratio, like most of the other Aston Martin cars, the Aston Martin DBS is one of the most timeless cars you can find. The striking design, smooth lines, and iconic front grille give this car pizzaz, and for many people, even the most standard colors like gray and black make the car look perfect. While the DBS looks amazing regardless of color, something about the car made one company do something extraordinary. 

Dark blue 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Valiant restomod on the track
2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Valiant restomod | Ali Robertson via Instagram

A little something extra

A company called Nevana Designs did something to the Aston Martin DBS that makes the car even cooler, and your inner child might just be obsessed. They were able to make the car glow in the dark. I know, right, as if the car could get any cooler, now it glows in the dark? Sign me up. 

Glow in the dark Aston Martin DBS | Motor Authority

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This DBS was a striking bright blue that is guaranteed to grab and hold, your attention. There is no doubt that it looks great in any light, but when the afternoon sun made the car shine it just looked like something special. Growing up on the James Bond movies left many of us dreaming about Aston Martin cars for many years, and it is something that makes us feel nostalgic and excited no matter how many times we see them. 

Shine on

Nevana Designs was able to give the car a UV coating that caused it to glow at night. Not just for a short period after the sun went down either. This glow-in-the-dark Aston Martin DBS would shine bright for as much as ten hours. While I have never seen it in person, I couldn’t even imagine my excitement to stumble on this car if it was parked downtown for the afterparties that follow the infamous Gumball 3000. 

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It was the first of its kind in the world, and while the popularity of the UV coating didn’t take off, we definitely think it deserved to. After all, with special customizations like plasti-dip and vinyl wrapping, it is surprising that there isn’t a demand for such a stunning and unique feature.