A Ford F-150 Owner Is ‘Complaining’ Because His Truck Is Too . . . Tough?

The Ford F-150 has had its fair share of complaints from various owners over the years. But there’s one posted on CarComplaints.com that has piqued many a driver’s interest. It’s unusual, to say the least.

The owner had plenty of things to report about the pickup they owned, and they felt the need to share it with others who had problems with their trucks. Here’s what one Ford owner had to say on Car Complaints.

What is this guy complaining about?

If you read his submission, you’ll quickly see that it isn’t really a complaint at all. At least not in the same sense that we’re used to seeing on the site. His only issue is that he can’t come up with anything bad to say about it to justify selling it and buying a newer one. 

He owns a 1995 Ford F-150, which he originally bought to have a simple work truck. It never gave him any real problems, and it’s started for him every single day without fail. After all these years, the paint is still in good shape, the clear coating remains intact, and it doesn’t look like it will peel off anytime soon. He says he drives it at least 200 miles a day, and it’s still going strong.

He calls his truck a Hulk or battlewagon. He even went on to say that he considered it dangerous, but not to him. It’s only dangerous to other drivers because it would probably total other cars and still drive on as if nothing happened. That’s how beefy he believes it to be. So, you can definitely say that he had a Ford Tough® truck that was built to last, which it certainly did. 

What does Ford Tough® really mean?

Just a few years ago, Ford celebrated its 100th anniversary of hard work, dedication, and leadership. That’s 100 years of designing, redesigning, changing, and improving on its iconic pickup trucks. 

Ford’s reputation for reliability with its trucks brought on the tagline “Built Ford Tough®” that we see today. F-Series trucks, especially the Ford F-150, have brought many sales, making them the best-selling trucks for over 40 years. Plus, it’s been the best-selling vehicle for over 35 years. They didn’t get that way because they look pretty. They sold because they’re durable and last a long time. 

How does today’s Ford F-150 compare to the 1995 models

Autotrader has a video showing a comparison of the 1995 F-150 with the 2017 version of the same truck. Obviously, the 2017 model has more modern features and a smoother suspension, but the 1995 Ford still ran great and looked great, despite its age. 

When it comes to reliability, though, Ford seems to have taken a hit. Even Consumer Reports gave it a one-out-of-five rating for predicted reliability. Problems plagued the F-150 since way back in the early 2000s. It’s seen engine, transmission, electric components, and brake system issues.

Today’s Ford F-150s are a far cry from the ‘battlewagon’ that the Car Complaints poster owned. They aren’t as Ford Tough® as they once were. Should Ford take some notes on what this poster had to say? It seems so. 

The Ford F-150 has always been a great truck, but the newer models are falling short of Ford fans’ expectations. Ford should probably throw away the current design and go back to the drawing board. Find the notes on the trusty 1990s models of the pickup and design one that will bring it to our modern-day standards.