Popular Ford F-150 Complaints You Need To Hear

On the one hand, Ford has a reputation for being built tough. Their F-150 trucks are more than capable of getting the job done. But on the other hand, Ford trucks also have the reputation of breaking down, and the 2019 Ford F-150 has already experienced quite a few recalls, so let’s see what drivers are complaining most about. 

Popular 2019 Ford F-150 Complaints 

Engine Problems 

Some drivers are experiencing engine issues very early on with their 2019 Ford F-150, however, if the warranty is up, they are on their own. The repairs are being estimated at around $8k, which is a lot to spend on a reasonably new truck. 

However, if the truck is recalled due to similar issues, people could receive a refund for some of the repair amount. 

Transmission Issues 

The 2019 Ford F-150 also seems to be having issues with its transmission. Drivers have reported problems with smooth shifting. A hard upshift between the 4th and 5th gear and hard downshift between the 10th, and 9th gear seem to be the most popular issues. 

While dealerships are claiming to have never heard of this issue, drivers are finding fellow Ford owners with similar issues. Resetting the transmission is supposed to help solve this problem, but many drivers are still left with loud, bumpy shifting. 

The drivers who have worked with mechanics to discover the cause of this issue are still left without answers. Also, this issue could cause you to be without your truck for weeks during repairs.

A Faulty Powerstroke 

The Powerstroke in 2019 Ford F-150s seems to be failing and has the potential for causing significant wrecks. With a failing Powerstroke, drivers experience having their engines shutting off at highway speeds. 

Not only is this loss of power dangerous, but it also causes F-150s to be unable to restart. If you experience this issue, you have to call for a tow and wait for help to arrive. This isn’t exactly convenient. 

Plus, some drivers have faced this issue multiple times as mechanics clean the components instead of replacing the sensor. 

Leaking Oil 

Some Ford F-150 drivers are struggling with leaking oil that could lead to much larger problems. Oil leaks from the right head gasket toward the back of the engine and drips on the exhaust. The oil could potentially damage other components. 

To make matters worse, this repair is expensive because when you replace one head gasket, you need to replace them all. People have reported that fixing this issue costs around $3k to $3.5k. 

Will The 2020 Ford F-150 Be Better? 

While we’re still pretty early in the 2020 year, so far, the 2020 Ford F-150 isn’t experiencing as many problems and complaints as the Ford F-150. They may have address the issues leaving people frustrated with the 2019 model. 

Instead of buying a used Ford 2019 F-150, it might be safer to wait and see how the 2020 model performs as drivers put more miles on them. You can also research which used model years to avoid to safely prevent yourself from purchasing a lemon.