A Forbidden New Volkswagen Camper Invites You to Sleep Under the Stars

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has long offered campers. One is based on the Volkswagen Caddy. The Caddy camper, called the Beach, has been around enough to necessitate a revision in order to continue to meet the needs of short term travelers. So, beginning in September, along with a totally redesigned new Caddy, a new Volkswagen camper version will also be available, sort of. 

A young couple straps down a kayak to the top rack of a Volkswagen Caddy camper.
Volkswagen Caddy Mini-Camper | Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Caddy Beach is changing its name to the Caddy Mini-Camper. It is a small minivan that has a familiar family face. That is because it is based on the popular Golf model in the automaker’s lineup. So, the front looks like a Golf. The rear looks like a tall station wagon or a small minivan. 

Sleeping under the stars

If anyone wants to sleep under the stars, but not with the bugs, the Caddy Mini-Camper is a good choice. It has a panoramic sunroof. But, there are times one does not want to be awakened at the crack of dawn shining from directly above. So, for those that need absolute darkness, the Mini-Camper comes with window covers. Screens are also included for the back window to allow natural outdoor ventilation. 

A green Volkswagen Caddy camper is set up on a hillside, with a tent attached to the back liftgate, at dusk.
The Volkswagen Caddy Mini-Camper | Volkswagen

Sleeping arrangements in a Volkswagen Caddy Mini-Camper

Sleeping arrangements are simple in the Caddy Mini-Camper. One 6.5-foot long mattress is provided and will set up easily in the rear. Just fold down the rear seats and roll out the mattress. Entry and egress are easy from either of sliding doors on each side.

Storage and included goodies for the Volkswagen

Plenty of storage is available as well. In addition to beverage holders, zippered hanging storage comes with the Caddy Mini-Camper. That happens to be perfect to throw the grooming essentials into. 

Lightweight folding chairs and a table also come with the small Volkswagen. Each has its own storage bag. So, it all can conveniently and neatly fold away in the storage area under the mattress. 

Driver-assist systems

Sometimes on short trips, towing a trailer is necessary. So, the Caddy Mini-Camper’s driver-assistance systems include Trailer Assist, as well as the Side-Assist and Rear Traffic Alert. This will bring peace of mind for the weary driver trying to back into a campsite. Finagling a trailer’s direction as one backs it up is resultantly easier now.

Someone is reading on the unfolded mattress in the back of the Volkswagen Caddy camper that is set up by a lake.
Volkswagen Caddy Mini-Camper | Volkswagen

Once at the campsite, the rear hatch also has an attachable slip-on tent. It slides over the open hatch and the walls drop down for privacy. So, if somebody needs to stand up to change, they can do it without doing contortions in the back seat. 

The problem with the Volkswagen Mini-Camper

The Caddy Mini-Camper world premiere will take place virtually in September. But, there is one problem with it. The Volkswagen Caddy and its camper cousin minivans are not offered in the United States. They are a forbidden fruit to the United States. So, they are relegated to teasing all vanlife and car camping aficionados from across the pond. No pricing has been released as of yet. As the release date approaches, more information will flow freely about the model.


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Overall, for a quick jaunt overnight, or for a long weekend, the Volkswagen Caddy Mini-Camper will do the job of a comfy shelter. It provides storage, has a bed, and comes with a tent. The driver-assist systems will also give the driver confidence in getting anywhere safely. It is just about everything a short trip traveler is looking for, if they are overseas.