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Where did these come from? This is a Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series that we didn’t get in the U.S. What’s cool is that it can become a serious off-road camper. You can go almost anywhere with this 6×6. It’s a one-off that comes from Down Under. 

These Toyota Land Cruiser 79 trucks are stout beasts that come with several rear-body options. Or, as in the case of this Earthcruiser creation, the rear was stripped, a second rear axle was fabbed, and a slick camper was created. So, let’s look at what was done. 

How off-road is the 6×6 Land Cruiser suspension?

White Earthcruiser Australia's Toyota 6x6 camper
Earthcruiser Australia’s Toyota 6×6 camper | Earthcruiser

Earthcruiser Australia put in portal axles, extra lift into the suspension, differential locks for all three axles, and the center axle can steer. There is also a tire inflation system for remote tire repairs. And aiding in those repairs is a four-point hydraulic lift system.

To go one step further, the pressure system can adjust tire pressures through a GPS speed-sensing function. It can look ahead to determine road conditions and adjust accordingly. Finally, the camper rides on an air suspension system. It features automatic adjusting depending on loads and how level the surface is. 

How livable is the 6×6 Land Cruiser camper?

Interior of Earthcruiser Australia's Toyota 6x6 camper
Earthcruiser Australia’s Toyota 6×6 camper | Earthcruiser

Bilstein dampers and remote disconnecting sway bars help with wheel travel. Earthcruiser added two fuel tanks for a total of almost 73 gallons of gas. That should get travelers deep into the off-road trek of their dreams. 

Moving away from suspension mods, outside, there are four toolboxes, an outdoor shower, a cooking center, and a refrigerator. There is also storage for long stuff like fishing poles and or skis. And it is all inside of the camper-out of sight, but easily accessible. 

Inside, the roof can heighten electronically. It sleeps three, with the interior space made up of the kitchenette with Corian countertops. There is also a toilet and an indoor shower to go along with the one outside. Besides gray water storage, there are 72.65 gallons of fresh water capacity. 

What powers the Toyota Land Cruiser?

Earthcruiser Australia's Toyota 6x6 camper seating
Earthcruiser Australia’s Toyota 6×6 camper | Earthcruiser

What you may not be able to tell is that this 6×6 off-roader is also an EV. Two 555 amp-hour batteries power the 6×6. There are also 810 watts of solar panels, and up to 1,152 watts can be integrated. Also, a Victron 3,000-watt inverter switches up AC and DC power. There is also a 200-watt alternator. 

Once off-roaders are far into the wilderness, they still need internet connectivity. So this build features Starlink, with the dish hidden at the top. 

So, with all of these highlights available off in the sticky wickets, it makes you want to take the Land Cruiser out to try them all out. 


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