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Well, we certainly expected someone to turn a 4×4 Bronco into a 6×6, and here it is. A Florida-based company called Apocalypse Manufacturing anticipates the apocalypse with its “Dark Horse” lavished in pristine white. This isn’t the first rodeo for 6×6 trucks for Apocalypse; its previous forays have included a 6×6 Jeep Gladiator and 6×6 Ram TRX. 

How long is the Dark Horse Bronco?

 6x6 Ford Bronco
Apocalypse Dark Horse 6×6 Ford Bronco | AM

The Dark Horse features an extended body to accommodate the added 37-inches of tire. The Wheelbase is now 225 inches, an extra three feet compared to the Bronco four-door’s 189 inches. That extended the Bronco’s bed to five feet. It also uses beefed coil-overs utilizing the stock pickup points. Further adding to the look is the aftermarket fiberglass top, replacing the stock top. In some ways, this visually pulls the long SUV together.

The conversion to 6×6 is accomplished with a proprietary tandem middle axle that is patented. And a four-inch lift is enhanced with the 37-inch tall Patagonia off-road tires hugging Apocalypse 20-inch SFJ alloy rims. The Dark Horse can be put in full-time six-wheel-drive when auto mode is chosen. The rear four tires are always engaged, but the ECU determines when to engage the front axle. 

Will Apocalypse make more Dark Horse Broncos?

 6x6 Ford Bronco
Apocalypse Dark Horse 6×6 Ford Bronco | AM

Apocalypse Manufacturing’s plans are to produce more Dark Horses, both on spec but also for customers. Right now, the first one is powered by the existing 2.7 EcoBoost V6. It has been tweaked by adding larger injectors, a better breathing exhaust system, and ECU calibrations. That helps to increase the power to 400 hp.

But the plan is also to make some 6×6 Broncos with supercharged Coyote V8 engines, good for 700 hp. There has also been talk of a Kevlar paint job. The coating has the look of spray-on bed liner, but with 4,700 tensile strength. The front custom steel bumper is already coated in Kevlar.

On the inside, the “King Ranch” interior is all-new tan and black marine-grade leather covering many of the surfaces. That makes it water-resistant, an added bonus. The upgraded interior is to be expected with a retail price that should be north of $200,000.

How much will it cost?

 6x6 Ford Bronco
Apocalypse Dark Horse 6×6 Ford Bronco | AM

The Dark Horse joins the Hellfire, Doomsday, and Sinister 6 Jeep 6×6 variants, as well as the Warlord Ram TRX. Prices range from $150,000 to $250,000. No pricing for the Ford Bronco Dark Horse has been released. 

Apocalypse has chosen the April 2022 Barrett Jackson auction to sell the Dark Horse at no reserve. Being the first one, it should have a certain panaché, which could mean a stout price. But like we said, Apocalypse will build more. 


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