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Chevrolet announced that the sixth-generation Camaro would drive off into the sunset after the 2024 model year. Of course, the Bow Tie followed the announcement with a declaration that the Camaro would enjoy a resurrection in the coming years, but not before the budget-friendly V8-powered Chevy Camaro SS that we know all too well disappears. Still, even with its incipient demise, the 6th gen Camaro SS has a few bragging points over the S550 Ford Mustang and its V8-powered GT. 

The 6th gen Chevrolet Camaro outshines the comparable S550 Ford Mustang in a few ways

While the era of the 6th-generation Camaro is coming to a close, the model hosted some fast, fun coupes and convertibles. Moreover, depending on the trim, the Camaro could be faster, cheaper, and more modern than a comparable Mustang

  • The ZL1 1LE is the benchmark for track-going muscle cars
  • More powerful V8 options for the final model years
  • Lighter-weight eight-cylinder options
  • Standard touchscreens make the S550 Ford Mustang’s LCD screen look antiquated

How fast is the 6th gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE?

The 6th gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE is less of a straight-line drag strip star and more of a windy track weapon. In fact, a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE lapped the Nürburgring in a 7:16.04, making it one of the fastest production American cars to take on the track. Still, the ZL1 is no slouch from a standstill. 

Make and model0 to 60 mphStanding quarter mileStarting price
6th gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL13.4 seconds11.5 seconds$69,995
S550 Ford Mustang Shelby GT5003.4 seconds11.3 seconds$80,795 (2022)
S550 Ford Mustang Mach 13.8 seconds12.1 seconds$57,945

As a result, the ZL1 is faster than any production or recent Mustang for the price point. Still, even with the GT500’s 0.2-second lead in Car and Driver’s quarter-mile testing, the much more powerful Shelby has a portly 285-lb surplus over the ZL1 1LE. 

How much is the Camaro SS with a 6.2 L V8?

The 2023 Chevrolet Camaro 1SS starts at around $41,295, about $2,070 less than a comparable Ford Mustang GT Premium. Moreover, the base V8 trims in both pony cars, the Camaro LT1 and Mustang GT, are separated by around $550. 

Make and modelStarting priceHorsepowerEngine size
Chevrolet Camaro LT1$37,795455 horsepower6.2L V8
Chevrolet Camaro 1SS$41,295455 horsepower6.2L V8
Ford Mustang GT$38,345450 horsepower5.0L V8
Ford Mustang GT Premium$43,365450 horsepower5.0L V8

In addition to being cheaper at rival trim levels, the Chevrolet Camaro’s 6.2L V8 outmuscles the Mustang’s 5.0L Coyote V8. Of course, that only pertains to the most recent model years; the first post-facelift S550 Ford Mustang GTs produced 460 horsepower before Ford dropped 10 ponies from the model’s mill. 

How much does a 5.0 Mustang GT weigh?

A 2022 Ford Mustang GT shows off its blue paintwork and stealthy lights.
2022 Ford Mustang GT | Ford

The 2023 Ford Mustang GT Fastback has a curb weight of around 3,705 lbs, making it much lighter than a comparable Dodge Challenger R/T. However, even with weight savings compared to V8 Mopars, the GT is heavier than a Chevrolet Camaro 1SS. 

Specifically, the 6th gen Camaro 1SS weighs in at 3,685 lbs, 20 lbs shy of the Mustang GT. Furthermore, with a lighter curb weight and extra power, the Camaro has a higher power-to-weight ratio than the Ford pony car.  

Do Camaros have big screens?

A 6th gen Chevrolet Camaro shows off its orange paintwork and angular fascia.
Chevrolet Camaro | General Motors

The late-model entry-level Chevrolet Camaros have a 7.0-inch touchscreen as standard equipment. Compared to the Ford Mustang’s base display, the Camaro’s bargain option is expansive. For instance, the entry-level Ford Mustang EcoBoost features a 4.5-inch LCD screen with analog controls instead of a touchable surface. 

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