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There is something magical about a torquey, musical V8 engine in a stylish coupe. In addition to horsepower, consumers can enjoy a soundtrack that only an eight-cylinder powerplant can compose. However, with unreliable gasoline prices, environmental concerns, and industry moves toward EVs and smaller, more efficient engines, the V8 may be dying off. Still, according to Edmunds, there are some V8-powered coupes you can still buy today. 

Ford still makes V8-powered pony cars in the historic Mustang

Mustang- Up to Speed | Donut Media

The storied Ford Mustang has been packing V8s for the better part of sixty years. The latest iterations of the Mustang range from the 450 horsepower GT to the tire-melting 760 horsepower Shelby GT500. Ford also announced that despite the dwindling interest in V8s as a whole, the Mustang is returning as an S650. That S650 GT will likely follow the same recipe: an eight-cylinder front-engine coupe with RWD and a lot of attitude. 

Dodge is a staple in industry defiance, and that isn’t changing yet 

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is one of the V8-Powered Coupes You Can Still Buy
A child dreams about a Dodge Challenger Hellcat | Samuel Corum, Getty Images

While other automakers are focused on EVs, electrification, and fuel sippers, Dodge continues to release a lovable coupe with silly horsepower figures. The Dodge Challenger has been with us for years now and doesn’t seem to be done channeling old-school muscle. The entry-level V8-powered coupe packs a 5.7L Hemi, and if that’s not enough, there are plenty of beefier options. Consumers can bring death to tires with their choice of 6.4L Scat Pack, supercharged 6.2L Hellcats, up to the Super Stock with 807 horsepower. 

Jaguar has a refined British muscle coupe for fair-weather drivers and speed freaks

The F-Type coupe was initially available with a choice of six-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines. For 2022, the F-Type features two supercharged 5.0L V8 engines to choose from, both of which Jaguar stuffed into the handsome little coupe. In addition to the mere excitement of a small, sophisticated V8-powered coupe, consumers can opt for the F-Type R, a V8 coupe producing a raucous 575 horsepower. 

Lexus still has two (that’s right, two) V8-powered coupes

Lexus RC F | Doug DeMuro

The Lexus RC F and LC 500 are Lexus’ answers to questions you didn’t know you were asking. You can get both cars with powerful and melodic 5.0L eight-cylinder engines producing right around 472 horsepower. While the Lexus models share a V8 with similar power output, the size and purpose of the cars are different. The RC F is very much a performance-oriented sports coupe, whereas the LC 500 is more of a comfortable GT car, capable of tackling a road trip with ease.

Chevrolet is still making the Corvette with a V8- thank goodness

A 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 shows off its flat-plane 5.5L LT6 V8.
The 5.5L V8 in the C8 Z06 | Erik Sherman, MotorBiscuit

The latest Chevrolet Corvette, the C8 generation, is a mid-engine masterpiece with supercar credentials. Chevrolet has been making the American performance icon in Bowling Green, Kentucky for decades, and the newest generation has a lot to offer. In addition to the new mid-engine configuration, the C8 has usable cargo space and a removable roof panel, making it a fun performance car with an American-as-apple-pie V8. However, the most exciting corvette-to-come is the screaming C8 Z06. That new Z06 will pack the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine ever fitted to a car. The flat-plane V8 will produce an organ-rearranging 670 horsepower with a superbike-like redline of 8,600 rpm. 

These aren’t the only V8-powered coupes on the market, but there isn’t much more out there. 

Edmunds reports that there are fewer than 20 coupes with V8 powerplants left on the market. While that is a massive shame, the march of progress will have some incredible performance benefits. The quickest cars in the world are electric and hybrid supercars, and that should inspire hope in the hearts of petrolheads everywhere. 

There are still V8 coupes from Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bentley, BMW, and McLaren that you can buy today. However, those cars are going to set you back some serious money. Scroll down to the following article if you want to read more about tire-shredding horsepower. 

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