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Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is no stranger to assertiveness. However, one of his posts landed him in trouble in Maranello. Specifically, the rap superstar managed to land himself on the infamous Ferrari blacklist with a snarky social media post. So, while the accomplished rapper might be stuck being a “Window Shopper” when it comes to Ferrari’s latest supercars and hypercars.

The Ferrari Blacklist denies celebs like 50 Cent from buying the marque’s cars

In many of 50 Cent’s songs and music videos, the rapper and film actor flexes his finances by jet setting, throwing lavish parties, and, of course, taking to the streets in some world-class cars. One such music video had the rapper slow-rolling the streets of Monaco in a Maserati MC12.

Those unfamiliar with the MC12 would be shocked to know just how rare and valuable the car is. The Trident-stamped Italian marque produced just 62 of the long-body homologation supercar. It’s not as shocking, then, when you find out that the most recent sale hit $3.3 million, per Now that’s a flex.

However, the rapper and “Expend4bles” star pushed Ferrari’s buttons so much so that the Maranello manufacturer banned him from buying any more of its supercars and hypercars.

Of 50 Cent’s more high-profile cars, he had a Ferrari 488, the successor to the 458. Unfortunately, the 488’s battery died, leaving the car lifeless. Jackson called a tow service, and rather than jump it or replace the battery, professionals secured it to a flatbed truck. 

50 Cent's Ferrari 488 on a flatbed truck earned him a spot on the Ferrari blacklist.
50 Cent’s Ferrari 488 on a flatbed tow truck 50 Cent via Facebook

Either way, 50 Cent wasn’t pleased. He snapped a couple of pictures and posted them to Facebook. Further, the rapper threw some shade at his 488 with a caption reading “I don’t want this 488 Ferrari no more. I think I’m a get a smart car.”

Ferrari didn’t take kindly to the picture or the words and banned the rapper from its cars. Of course, if all it takes are some harsh words or a picture to earn a spot on the Ferrari blacklist, you might expect more instances of bans, right? 

You’d be right, of course. Ferrari has banned celebs like Deadmau5, Justin Bieber, Tyga, and Chris Harris. The reasons? Oh, anything from accusing the company of shady practices to wrapping a 458 Spyder in an 8-bit eyesore.