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Spurred by Americans’ desire to enjoy socially distanced leisure activities, the recent RV boom has sent camper sales skyrocketing. Want a piece of the action? Check out these five RV company stocks that could see significant growth this summer. 

Thor Industries

According to Investor Place, Thor Industries (THO) is not only the largest RV company, but it might also have plenty of room to grow. Thor posted a profit last year and also has a $14 billion order backlog, CNBC reports. This massive backlog indicates high demand for Thor RVs, which include popular brands Airstream and Heartland.

As of this writing, THO’s share price is at a tad over $100, and that’s an improvement over last year. However, like many stocks, THO’s price has fluctuated significantly, and it’s down from its peak of about $150 per share. 

Winnebago Industries

Probably a better-known brand than Thor, Winnebago Industries (WGO) is also a good stock to keep track of, Investor Place reports. After all, not only is Winnebago one of the biggest RV companies, but like Thor, it also posted a huge recent profit.

But of course, WGO’s share price has fluctuated plenty in the last year or so. After cratering in March 2020 to about $23 a share, it has rebounded and nearly tripled in price. As of this writing, WGO is at $67, and though it can still be a volatile stock, its financials nonetheless give it a positive outlook.

Camping World Holdings

Camping World Holdings (CWH) saw one of the bigger rallies, according to Investor Place. Like many other stocks, it collapsed sharply during the pandemic — it hit about $4 per share in March 2020. Since then, however, it has rallied back to about $40 a share.

Not only that, but CWH has also made some changes that could boost profits, Investor Place reports. CWH has begun moving its focus away from non-RV-related items, and due to the RV boom, that choice couldn’t have been better. 

Patrick Industries

Investor Place threw cold water on Patrick Industries (PATK), but the stock has since proven itself worthwhile. Also, PATK isn’t a purely camper-centric company, with 55 percent of its revenue coming from the RV industry. 

Regardless, its stock price has only grown since March 2020. It fell to a low of about $19 a share but has surged to new highs since then. PATK is at about $81 a share as of this writing, and it has never been that valuable until 2021. 

LCI Industries

Like PATK, LCI Industries (LCII) isn’t purely focused on RVs, with 54 percent of LCI’s revenue coming from camper sales, Investor Place reports. Regardless, LCI and Patrick Industries are similar in other ways because they specialize in RV components and parts, and they’ve seen much growth over the past year.

Although LCII hasn’t bloomed much as far as percentages go, the stock has grown in hard numbers. In March 2020, it fell to about $59 a share, but now it’s at $138. As such, LCII has made itself an RV stock worthy of watching. 


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