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Buying a luxury vehicle seems like a fabulous foray into opulence and comfort. However, it comes with its downsides, namely bloated price tags, maintenance costs, and depreciation. Unfortunately for fans of discerning tastes, there are five BMW cars and SUVs on the list of popular vehicles with the worst depreciation rates.

These five BMW cars and SUVs depreciate well over the national average

A silver BMW 7 Series luxury car drives on a mountain road.
A BMW 7 Series | BMW

Of the Bavarian marque’s luxury lineup, the 7 Series takes the top spot. The brand’s longest luxury car has an average five-year depreciation rate of 61.8%, a staggering 23% over the nationwide average.

Make and modelAverage five-year depreciationAverage difference from MSRP
7 Series61.8%$72,444
5 Series Hybrid58.8%$37,975
5 Series55.3%$39,856
X5 M54.0%$66,277
Nationwide average38.8%$17,221

If a percentage rate isn’t shocking enough, the data suggests that the long-body luxury car is worth an average of $72,444 less than its original MSRP. That’s 4.2 times the nationwide average for lost value. However, the 7 Series isn’t alone.

The hybridized 5 Series sedan and X5 SUV took the No. 4 and No. 6 spots on the list of the top 25 depreciating vehicles, respectively. Much further down the list, the internal combustion engine (ICE) 5 Series and X5 M took the No. 20 and No. 23 spots, per iSeeCars

Despite a lower average percentage, the X5 M’s much higher price tag means the performance-oriented SUV model drops an average of $66,277 in the first five years, $21,449 less than the standard X5. 

Even with five vehicles on the list of vehicles with the highest depreciation, BMW doesn’t take the top spot

BMW cars and SUVs make up 20% of the depreciation list. However, the German luxury brand doesn’t take the top spot. Instead, Maserati snags the No. 1 and No. 3 spots, and the long-body Cadillac Escalade ESV comes in just behind the hybrid 5 Series. 

Make and modelAverage five-year depreciationAverage difference from MSRP
Maserati Quattroporte64.5%$90,588
BMW 7 Series61.8%$72,444
Maserati Ghibli61.3%$58,623
BMW 5 Series Hybrid58.8%$37,975
Cadillac Escalade ESV58.5%$63,885

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