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You’ve heard the gems from the advice-givers in your life. Something along the lines of “That car loses value the second you drive it off the lot!” Well, depreciation is inevitable, but picking a car with higher-than-average value retention can keep money in your pocket. Still, there are brands with much higher levels of average depreciation. Enter Maserati, the Italian luxury car marque with exquisite rides and sky-high depreciation.

Maserati leads the list of cars with the highest average depreciation

A black Maserati Quattroporte cruises on an open track
Maserati Quattroporte | Stellantis

Unfortunately for owners of Maserati’s luxury cars and SUVs, the Italian marque has a depreciation issue.

Model Average five-year depreciationAverage difference from MSRP

According to the latest value data from iSeeCars, three of Maserati’s luxury car models earn spots in the top 10 vehicles with the highest average depreciation over a five-year period. What’s more, the Maserati Quattroporte tops the list at a 64.5% average rate of depreciation. Staggeringly, the loss of value means a Quattroporte could be worth around $90,588 less than it was new.

The Ghibli and Levante lose 61.3% and 57.8%, respectively. While that’s not quite as dramatic as the near six-figure loss of the Quattroporte, it’s enough to land the two Tridents in the top 10. However, the Maserati models aren’t alone; all of the popular vehicles with depreciation rates higher than 53% are luxury models. 

The only vehicles close to the Trident trio’s substantial value loss are the Cadillac Escalade ESV, the unfortunately styled INFINITI QX80, and big Bimmers. For instance, the BMW 7 Series scrubs off 61.8% of its original value in just five years.

That said, deprecation could be the ticket for used car hunters to get into a vehicle they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. Of course, the bargain hopeful will have to contend with insurance and maintenance costs.

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