The 5 Best Car Seat Gap Fillers for Every Budget

The gap between a car seat and center console is often annoying since it seems to fit almost everything but your fingers. Consequently, while your phone, keys, or even fries might slip through easily, fishing them out is a lot more trouble. It becomes a problem if you’re trying to keep your vehicle hygienic and organized. Thankfully, you can get car accessories like car seat gap fillers to solve the problem. Here are the five best car seat gap fillers for every budget.

A picture of a phone, change and various things that can fall between the seats with the Drop Stop car seat filler covering and preventing the items from falling.
Drop Stop car seat gap filler | Nadine DeMarco

Drop Stop seat gap filler

As one of the first seat gap fillers ever introduced, the Drop Stop seat gap filler features a relatively simplistic design. It has a neoprene exterior which makes it waterproof, and it’s filled with polyester fiberfill. It’s also about 17 inches long and more likely to cover the entire length of your seat.

Additionally, there’s a slot sewn near one of the edges of each filler which you can use to attach it to the seat belt latch. This ensures the device is securely fastened in place and won’t come off even when you slide the seat back and forth.

The filler can fit any gap between ¼ inch and 3.5 inches wide. You can only get Drop Stop seat gap fillers in black, which might be in contrast to your car’s interior. Lastly, buying this set of fillers should cost you just under $25.

Lusso Gear, the gap filler

This Lusso Gear gap filler is ideal if you’re on a budget. It is roughly $17. You can get this seat gap filler in five color options and made of PU leather. These fillers are also waterproof and can easily wipe down any spills if necessary. The gap filler is designed like a purse, and you can use it to store glasses, pens, your phone, the mail, and more.

In its default state, the Lusso Gear gap filler is relatively thin and may slide through the gap between the center console and seat. This, of course, depends on your vehicle model and how much space there is between your seats. However, it also ships with spacers that expand the filler for a more snug fit.

Lebogner premium car seat gap filler

Another option for your daily driver is the Lebogner premium car seat gap filler. The filler is made entirely of black ABS plastic and consists of two parts: the 2-inch organizer at the top and a 7.5-inch base. The device is well suited for storing coins, car keys, glasses, and other small items, and it should cost you about $20.

Notably, the base is thin, making it unstable if the gap between the middle console and your seat is relatively wide. However, the Lebogner premium car seat gap filler also ships with adhesive foam pads you can use to secure the fit.

Autofan PU leather car pockets organizer


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The Autofan PU leather car pockets organizer is relatively similar to the Lebogner, given its features and plastic construction. It also comes with an organizer at the top and a thin base. That said, the base is much shorter, and the organizer comes fitted with high-grade leather edging at the top.

The leather styling is available in brown, black, and beige. Additionally, the device only works for 1-5.5cm gaps. As such, it may be necessary to measure the space between your seat and the center console before committing to the purchase. Nevertheless, if your vehicle fits the bill, purchasing this seat gap filler will set you back close to $18.

Beusoft car seat gap filler

The Beusoft car seat gap filler is one of the more impressive market offerings, especially given the close to $24 price point. The organizer at the top is divided into several components, so you have different spaces for your phone, wallet, cards, car keys, and whatever else you’re carrying.

Next, there are two built-in USB charging sockets and cigarette lighter sockets, along with an illuminated display. Furthermore, you get a switch button that controls the two cigarette lighter sockets.

There’s even a smart control chip built into the device for extra safety, preventing short circuits, overheating, and overvoltage. However, if the distance between the top of your center console and the top of your seat is more than 2 inches, this filler won’t work for you. Nevertheless, for most vehicles, the fit should be just fine.