Five Pro Tips to Keep Your Car Hygienic and Organized

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, safety and practicing proper hygiene remain as top priorities. Many of us are still spending a copious amount of time in the car, from driving our own cars, riding with friends, or participating in rideshare programs like Lyft or Uber. Check out the tips below to efficiently clean your vehicle protecting its interior:

Start with a Clear Surface

Ensuring your car is clean means starting with the basics, such as attaining a car cabin free of dirt, dust, and smudges. Multi-purpose cleaning products for hard surfaces like Lysol wipes or Wet Ones may be hard to find in this current environment, however, there is a wide variety of options made especially for car cleanliness.

First, you’ll want to obtain a microfiber towel and pair it with a water-based solution like the Blackfire Cleaner which is versatile enough for an array of textures, including leathers and fabrics. Follow your water-based cleaner with an anti-bacterial option like Ultima Cleaner & Protector Bundle or the GTechniq 12 Tri-Clean for creating a bacteria-free car.

Make Your Windows Glisten

Cleaning your windows will make your car look sleeker as well as help you see better while you’re on the road. The Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner and the Sprayway Glass Cleaner are among the highest-rated products for streak-free windows.

Give Your Car’s Interior Some Extra TLC

At least once a month, you’ll want to do a deep clean to remove footprints, pet hair and other signs of debris. For carpet and upholstery, Meguiar’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is the best; it’s foam-based and is excellent for eliminating tough stains, dries quickly and without residue. You’ll want to follow your car’s shampoo and conditioner routine by using a portable vacuum like NOVETE’s Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

For leather interiors, Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Conditioner and Cleaner is a great option that is easy to apply and entirely natural. This product will not conflict with your leather’s natural scent.

Try a New Car Accessory

After giving your car some extra TLC, you’ll want to have a new system to help keep your car organized. There are numerous car accessories designed to help you keep your car neat and tidy. Make sure to have a designated garbage bin to place unwanted items in while you’re in gear. To help prevent beverage spills, try accessories like the Swigzy Car Cup Holder or the Rubbermaid Car Cup Holder Organizer.

Tired of losing items to the crevices of your car? Try the top-rated Premium Car Gap Filler by Lebogner or the Car Seat Gap Filler by Lusso Gear. For even more car storage options, try Fly Ocean’s Car Backseat Organizers that are complete with fold-out trays which are perfect for kids and easy to wipe down. To maximize your trunk space, try fan favorites like Drive Auto Products’ Car Cargo Trunk Organizer or Trunkcratepro’s Collapsible Portable Trunk Organizer.

Top Off Your Ride with a New Scent

If you’d like to freshen up your car aside from hanging a tree-shaped air freshener from your rearview mirror, opt for a Glade Plugin Car Air Freshener Starter Kit, or the QuietPure Auto HEPA Car Air Purifier by Aerus. To extend that new car freshness, grab Chemical Guys “New Car Smell.”