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We’ve all seen a fully-packed car carrier on the freeway before. The teeth-clenchingly stacked pile of new cars is a wonder to many. How do the vehicles properly position, and how can they safely tilt? Car transport trucks load by a series of skillful maneuvers. Let’s see how it’s done.

How to load a vehicle carrier

YouTube channel Car Hauling Instructor posted an informational video on how to load an open-air car transport truck. The instructor, Clayton Moore, works for a vehicle relocation service. Within minutes, the carrier goes from empty to a full eight vehicles in place on the trailer. As an illustration, the full video is embedded below.

Car transport trucks load by a series of agile hydraulic tracks. The tracks raise, lower, and tilt at will. They need to be adaptable to fit a wide variety of vehicle sizes and shapes. Before moving platforms, each vehicle safely ties down to procedural spec.

To begin, Moore explains that on the instructional carrier, a car drives onto the top track and gets into position near the truck’s cabin. Next, the car’s platform raises. This allows a second car to drive down the track and park right under the first car.

Afterward, the third car, a Toyota 4Runner, drives down the track and positions at a height between the first and second cars. Once it’s on the correct platform, the nose of the SUV can tilt down further via the hydraulic platform.

A yellow car transport truck loaded with nine vehicles, including pickup trucks, SUVs, and small cars.
vitpho via iStock

Then, a fourth compact sedan is drives up behind the 4Runner and positions its nose under the end of the SUV.

The fifth vehicle, a Ford Mustang, loads up and gets behind the compact sedan.

Next, the car transport truck driver will raise all of the upper deck platforms to create space for a lower shelf of cars. A sixth, seventh, and eighth vehicle load up in a row there.

Once all the cars are loaded, the driver takes stock of the maximum heights of the carrier. Then, the driver can set off to their delivery destination(s).

Undeniably, I found the video very satisfying to watch. The next time I see a full car transport carrier, I’ll know how it’s done…and annoy everyone in the car with me while I explain the process.