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Luxury SUVs are almost always going to be expensive, but just like with regular cars, shoppers can save money by looking at used cars. That said, before purchasing a used car, shoppers should obtain a vehicle history report and have a trusted mechanic perform an inspection to identify potential problems.

Vehicle prices may vary depending on location, trim level, mileage, and overall condition, but here’s a look at four reliable three-row luxury SUVs that can cost less than $40,000.

1. The 2018 Acura MDX is well-known for its reliability

J.D. Power reviewed the 2018 MDX, and overall, it’s a solid choice that’s notable for being the most affordable option on this list. On average, used car shoppers are paying between $25,000 to $37,000 for their used 2018 MDX. On top of that, the MDX scored well in most categories. The site gave the three-row SUV a reliability score of 81 out of 100, which is a “great” score.

On the other hand, it only received a 66 for its driving experience. The Acura SUV was powerful though as it came with a 290-hp engine, and that allowed it to get a fuel economy of about 24 mpg combined. Owners also liked how spacious it was, and it has a long list of advanced safety features. This helps explain why the MDX has an overall score of 78.

2. The 2018 Lexus RX L also has a reputation for being reliable

The RX L is the extended version of the RX, and J.D. Power ranked the RX as the best midsize luxury SUV from 2018. Used car shoppers can expect to pay about $32,500 to $40,000 for the 2018 model year of this SUV. The RX L, just like most other Lexus cars, is well-known for their reliability. It’s not surprising then that the car critic gave the RX an 86 for its reliability, which is the highest reliability score on this list.

The RX got great scores everywhere else, and that’s why it has an overall score of 86. Overall, the RX L is comfortable and spacious SUV that has a smooth ride and a long list of features. It’s equipped with a 290-hp engine that also allows it to get about 24 mpg combined.

3. The 2022 Buick Enclave is worth considering

The 2022 model year of the Enclave is the newest car on this list, and it might be hard finding a used model for less than $40,000. It’s possible though since, on average, used car shoppers are paying between $37,500 to $61,000 for one. It’s a good SUV all-around, as it got an 81 for its reliability and and 84 for its overall score. 

Like other great three-row luxury SUVs, it’s spacious and comfortable on the inside. It’s also loaded with standard features. In terms of its powertrain, it has a 310-hp engine that allows the Buick to get 22 mpg combined.

4. The 2020 Infiniti QX60 is a solid all-around choice

Just like the Enclave and the MDX, the car critic gave the QX60 an 81 for its reliability score. It has an overall score of 78, but its main draw is its price tag. Used car shoppers are paying between $29,000 to $38,000 for a used 2020 QX60. That makes this option the second cheapest SUV on this list.

The QX60 is a solid option because it does fine in most areas. It’s spacious and comfortable, it has a smooth ride, and it’s well-equipped. Infiniti gave the SUV a 295-hp engine as well, and that allows it to get about 24 mpg combined.


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