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Even the best vehicles have their problems. Fortunately, we have sources like Repair Pal to give us the rundown on the most common issues owners have experienced. Furthermore, for the Ford Ranger midsize truck, owners will probably want to avoid as many major mechanical issues as possible. Here are the most common Ford Ranger problems reported by hundreds of real owners.

Most common Ford Ranger problems

2006 Ford Ranger is one of many to experience the most common problems reported by hundreds of real owners
2006 Ford Ranger | George Waldman/Bloomberg via Getty Images

According to Repair Pal, the most common Ford Ranger problems are an engine misfire at highway speeds, difficulty starting cold, and hesitation while accelerating. Moreover, the website compiles the most common issues reported by current and previous owners. As a result, many owners have reported identical problems for a wide range of Ranger model years throughout its life. It’s best to find out how frequent these issues are and if they will impact the used model you’re interested in.

The most common problem with the Ford Ranger is the engine misfire at highway speeds. Over 280 people have reported experiencing the same thing. RP says the 1990 and 1992-2009 model years are all at risk for the engine misfire. Fortunately, more recent model years seemed to have eliminated the problem completely. Furthermore, the publication says the cost of diagnosing the issue usually ranges from around $88 to $111. However, diagnostics could reveal the need for a more costly repair.

Stalling/hesitation while accelerating

2011 Ford Ranger models at a dealer experienced the most common problems
2011 Ford Ranger | David Paul Morris/Getty Images

Next, Repair Pal users reported hesitation or stalling while accelerating as the next most common Ford Ranger problem. According to hundreds of real owners, “bogging, hesitation, or stalling may be experienced during moderate to heavy acceleration.” Usually, the problem is caused by failing sensors in the fuel injection system. However, an experienced shop or mechanic should diagnose the problem to find a proper solution.

Furthermore, over 20 different Ranger models are affected by the problem. From 1990-2011, owners of every model year reported the same issue. RP says most often, the stalling will take place with around 148,434 miles on the odometer. That means lower mileage Rangers in this model year range probably don’t need to worry. The diagnostic and testing will cost most owners from $88 to $111, but actual repair costs may vary.

Difficulty starting cold

More than 125 real owners reported experiencing the same Ford Ranger problem. The midsize truck is sometimes difficult to start while cold and will stall while idle. RP says the idle air bypass valve commonly causes the issue. Normally, the valve keeps the vehicle idle and helps it run while the accelerator pedal isn’t pressed. When it’s failing, the Ranger will hesitate while starting from cold, and stalling may occur before driving away.

Unfortunately, 16 model years may experience the problem. Ranging from 1991 to 2001, 2003, and 2005 to 2008, many Rangers are impacted. On average, drivers reported around 161,734 on the odometer when the problem occurred. Like the other Ranger problems, it requires a diagnosis that usually ranges from $88 to $111. The cost of repair will vary depending on the determined cause.

Is the Ford Ranger a good pickup truck?

Overall, the Ford Ranger is a good pickup truck. Many of its most common problems are only present in older model years. Starting with the 1990 model year through roughly the 2011 is when most of the issues occur. Since the Ranger returned to the Blue Oval’s lineup, owners have not reported nearly as many problems with more recent model years. Repair Pal is an excellent resource for finding the common issues with any make and model. We’re not surprised that the new Ranger generation is much more reliable than the old version. However, even the previous version of the Ranger doesn’t have common issues until very high mileage.


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