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Ford is one of the biggest automakers in the world. The company has a reputation for building strong and durable vehicles, with its F-Series trucks being among the best-selling cars in the market. The Ford Ranger is also another iconic vehicle in Ford’s lineup, and given its rich history, it’s safe to say the truck has built up its audience.

However, as popular as the Ranger is, there are various other underdog models whose sales put this truck to shame. Here are three models that are unexpectedly more popular than the Ford Ranger.

The Ford Ranger has been around since 1982 when Ford introduced it as a replacement for the Courier. The truck gained popularity for its durability and sturdiness and is a perfect option for towing or hauling. However, despite its popularity, other lesser-known vehicles seem to be outdoing it in sales.

For instance, the Kia Soul, Kia’s subcompact SUV, is lesser known than the Ranger but has been registering exemplary year-to-date sales figures. According to GoodCarBadCar, the Kia Soul recorded 44,781 sales in YTD 2023, a 17% increase from the 38,252 units sold in 2022. Honda’s minivan Odyssey is another model whose name doesn’t make as much circulation as the Ranger but still outperformed the truck.

GoodCarBadCar reports that the Odyssey sold 47,419 units in YTD 2023. This represents an impressive 75.4% growth from the 27,028 units sold during the same period in 2022. Similarly, Subaru’s compact SUV Crosstrek may not be a household name like the Ranger, but has been quietly making waves.

The SUV sold 101,291 units in YTD 2023 and 99,252 units in 2022. While the 2% growth may not be as significant as the other models on this list, it still shows how popular the Crosstrek is, beating out the Ranger in YTD sales.

Why the Ford Ranger has been experiencing a sales dump


These 3 Ford Vehicles Are Stagnating in Sales

According to GoodCarBadCar, the Ranger sold 30,502 units in YTD 2023. While impressive, this was a 27% decline in sales from the 41,801 units sold in 2022. The Ranger is a formidable vehicle built to withstand harsh environments, so why aren’t units flying off the shelf? For starters, the midsize pickup truck market within which the Ranger falls is very competitive.

The truck faces stiff competition from other popular models like the Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma, which have a high production rate and have received design updates, making them more appealing. On the other hand, the Ranger has remained largely unchanged since 2011, making it appear outdated.

Additionally, consumer preferences have shifted from pickups to SUVs and crossovers. SUVs are cheaper than trucks, and most offer more advanced safety features than trucks. The 2023 Crosstrek, for instance, starts at $24,000, while the Kia Soul starts at $21,000. In comparison, the Ranger starts at $28,000 but has no powertrain options, and its interior can feel outdated.

A continuous sales decline led to the Ford Ranger’s discontinuation in 2012

This isn’t the first time the Ranger has struggled with sales. When the truck was introduced, it quickly gained popularity due to its compact size, which made it great for urban and rural use. It was also priced competitively and was affordable for budget-conscious customers. The truck remained in production until 2012 when it was discontinued due to a decline in sales over the years.

At the time, larger trucks were taking over the market, and the demand for the diet F-150 was no longer there, so Ford decided to get rid of it. However, people began missing the Ranger and asked Ford to bring it back, reviving it as a midsize truck.