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For years, Ford has been a top seller worldwide in automotive sales. With Ford’s recent advancements in EV technology that aim to rival Tesla, Ford’s top-selling F-Series lineup of trucks continuing its decades-long best-selling status, and overseas vehicles like the Puma experiencing high sales numbers, it is easy to see why Ford is having such a great run in sales.

However, not every Ford vehicle is a winner on dealer lots. Here is everything you need to know about the three Ford vehicles falling flat in sales and why we think these vehicles are experiencing a slump.

1. Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is experiencing its first slump in sales since its strong entry into the EV marketplace. According to GoodCarBadCar, the Mustang Mach-E has only sold 2,917 units this past month, which is a 43.68% decline compared to last year. Overall, the Mustang Mach-E is experiencing a 36.82% decrease in sales so far this year compared to 2022 as a whole.

A big reason sales have slumped for the Mustang Mach-E is Ford’s renovations to the vehicle’s production facility in Mexico. According to The Wall Street Journal, production at this plant has idled while renovations have occurred to increase future output. While this does help explain the slump in Mach-E sales, this Mustang EV may also be dealing with heightened competition from other automakers entering the electric vehicle marketplace. With the model’s new production facility set to stamp out more Mustangs than ever, we’ll see how this Ford EV stacks up to the competition in sales.

2. Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is the last of a dying breed. This small van, which took on the Nissan NV 200, Mercedes Benz Metris, and the Ram ProMaster City, is reaching the end of its production run after the 2023 model year, according to The Drive. The Transit Connect is a hidden gem in the Ford lineup, being smaller than a full-size Ford Transit and offering many configurations for small businesses and personal use.

Due to the discontinuation of the Ford Transit Connect, sales have slumped. The Transit Connect has sold only around 7,239 units so far this year, a 40.16% decrease in sales compared to last year. This past month, the Transit Connect has only moved 1,270 units. However, the news of low Transit Connect sales is not bad for everyone. If you want to get behind the wheel of your miniature van, you could buy some of the remaining inventory for a great price if dealerships wish to clear out their old stock.

3. Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger, Ford’s midsize pickup truck offering, is also experiencing quite a slump in sales. According to GoodCarBadCar, the Ranger is experiencing a 31.42% drop in sales compared to last year. This sales slump is one of the biggest for the Ranger, and it could largely be attributed to Ford’s focus on Bronco production. The Ranger is also dealing with the age-old issue of being outdated compared to the competition. The Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon have just had massive redesigns, bringing these midsize trucks into the modern era, while the Ranger has largely been unchanged since 2011.

The Ford Ranger is expecting to have a complete redesign for the 2024 model year, according to Car and Driver. With an anticipated redesign on the horizon and Ford focusing more on Bronco production, it is no wonder why many consumers have passed on the Ford Ranger recently. With strong showings in sales of the F-Series trucks and the brand-new compact Maverick, it is safe to say that Ranger sales will likely ramp back up once the redesigned truck finally hits dealer lots.

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