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Anyone driving regularly has traveled eerie roads. Some are more infamous than others, but the Silver State is home to several. These creepy roads in Nevada have reputations for the extraterrestrial, supernatural, and paranormal. Horror master Stephen King even centered a novel around one of these routes. So, proceed with caution on these reportedly haunted roads in Nevada.

Sandhill Road in Las Vegas has a car-chasing ghost

Las Vegas is famous for its glitzy hotels and smoky casinos. However, Sin City is also home to a notoriously creepy road in Nevada. Those in the know consider Sandhill Road one of the most haunted places in the state. That’s especially true for the span between Olive Avenue and Charleston Boulevard.

One of the most consistent tales involves a long-dead couple who haunts this creepy Nevada road. According to lore, they reside in the flood tunnels under Sandhill Road, and the curious who sneak down there can hear moans and whispers. Some people even report hearing scratches as if zombies are trying to escape. So, how did these entities get there? The couple reportedly died in a car accident nearby.

If that’s not scary enough, another tale claims the apparition of an old woman chases cars and disappears when they’re far enough from that part of Sandhill Road. Apparently, she thinks she owns the road and wants to shoo drivers away.

Nevada’s creepy Highway 50 inspired a Stephen King novel

Creepy roads Nevada Highway 50 Loneliest Highway in America
A hardware store on Highway 50 in Nevada | Bernard Friel/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The part of Highway 50 that runs through the center of Nevada is known for miles of nothingness. Life magazine even named it “The Loneliest Road in America” in 1986. This desolate stretch, beginning in Reno and ending at Great Basin National Park, is a particularly creepy road in Nevada that many people believe is haunted. Notably, Stephen King centered his novel Desperation on the highway after traveling it.

Creepy roads in Nevada: US Highway 50
Highway 50 in White Pine County, Nevada | Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Stories of this supposedly haunted road date back to the 1870s when Chinese miners became trapped after a mining accident and were never seen again. Much later, their remains were said to have been found and finally laid to rest. However, drivers have reported seeing glowing lanterns and the deceased miners crossing the road. According to the legend, the dead men cross the street each night to try to get home.

Route 375 is also known as Extraterrestrial Highway

Creepy roads Nevada Route 375 Extraterrestrial Highway
A sign outside Little A’Le’Inn restaurant, bar, motel, and RV park on Extraterrestrial Highway | Bridget Bennett/AFP via Getty Images

Another creepy road in Nevada is Route 375, aka “Extraterrestrial Highway.” Numerous alleged alien sightings have occurred along this strange stretch, so much so that the government officially renamed it in the 1990s. The road runs through Rachael, Nevada, the closest town to Area 51. For those living under a rock, people have long suspected that Area 51 is the site of numerous government-sanctioned alien experiments.

Over the years, Extraterrestrial Highway has become a tourist attraction. Alien-themed stores and restaurants dot the famous route. There’s even an alien-inspired jerky shop, Pina Travels reports. More than just a creepy road in Nevada, Route 375 is a celebration of the unknown. Still, that doesn’t detract from the accounts of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena.