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Not everyone believes in the supernatural, but some ghost stories would be cool if they turned out to be true. Whether it’s a deceased celebrity’s car believed to be cursed or an urban legend of a hitchhiker mysteriously disappearing during a ride, cars are sometimes the subject of ghost stories. One of the more interesting tales is about a phantom Chevy Camaro prowling the streets of a Colorado road. This is the story.

The ghost Camaro isn’t Riverdale Road’s only haunting

Riverdale Road is an 11-mile stretch in Colorado that connects the municipalities of Thornton and Brighton, the Denver Public Library explains. The street has a reputation as “the most haunted road in the country,” thanks to tales that storytellers have been passed down through the years.

Some of the urban legends about Riverdale Road involve a ghost jogger who taps on the sides of passing vehicles, a hitchhiker who disappeared into the night, and a mansion owner who went crazy and set the home on fire — with his family inside. The family members died, and he disappeared.

Then there’s the related urban legend of the road being the gates of Hell, Thought Catalog reports. The mansion’s owner built the now-rusty iron gates. Witnesses have reported seeing a lady in white — assumed to be his deceased wife — walking past the gates, presumably searching for her murdered children or missing husband. She doesn’t harm visitors, though. She simply appears in rearview mirrors as cars drive by.

The ghost Camaro on Riverdale Road

One of the most famous supernatural tales of Riverdale Road involves the phantom Camaro. The story goes that the Camaro’s owner perished in an accident at a blind corner on the road in the 1970s, HotCars reports. The now-phantom vehicle apparently patrols the street — but not necessarily to protect other drivers.

Instead, the Camaro, which has only one working headlight, allegedly challenges drivers to races. As one might expect, that scenario rarely ends well.

Other reportedly haunted roads in America

But Riverdale Road isn’t the only U.S. byway believed to be haunted. Here are three other urban legends involving streets:

Strasbourg Street

There’s a legend about driving on Strasbourg Street in Detroit late at night. As drivers approach a stop sign on the desolate street, looking to their left, they’ll see a small girl standing on the sidewalk. After looking away from the worrying sight, motorists hear a “knock-knock” on the driver’s side window. They turn to see the girl there, her sad eyes looking back at them. The belief is she’s looking for the driver who killed her.

Jeremy Swamp Road

Travelers in Southbury, Connecticut, might want to avoid Jeremy Swamp Road. Legend has it that drivers of vehicles that stall on the road have mysteriously disappeared before tow trucks arrive. Motorists are believed to be attacked by small humanoids called “Melon Heads,” subjects of urban legends in some U.S. states, Travel & Leisure reports.

Prospectors Road

Prospectors Road stretches through Garden Valley, an area involved in the California Gold Rush of the 1800s. Its urban legend involves a miner killed for his gold, and now he haunts Prospectors Road.


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