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After years of production, the Tesla Model 3 is finally getting a refresh. No, the new Model 3 isn’t a brand-new generation for the nameplate. Instead, this is a drastic facelift that improves on the Model 3 in nearly every way. With the Model 3 already leading in many worldwide EV sales charts, this refreshed Model 3 looks to take that success a step further.

Among the list of changes to the new Tesla Model 3, which of them are the best? Here is everything you need to know about the three biggest changes to the new Tesla Model 3 and why this redesign could be just what the Model 3 needs to power ahead of the competition from Hyundai, Kia, and other trending EVs.

1. The lights get a fresh redesign

Of course, the Tesla Model 3’s body had to be tweaked a bit in this facelift. Still, we were just unsure how much it would be changed. The front end of the Model 3 has been smoothed out for aesthetic and aerodynamic purposes. This design tweak has extended to the headlights, which are now, as CarWow explains, slimmer but more defined and prominent with bright LEDs.

The taillights have arguably been refined even more than the headlights. These taillights look quite a bit more dynamic in design and are no longer split into two parts. The entire taillight assembly now raises with the trunk when opened.

2. The interior gains a screen

The interior of the Tesla Model 3 has been redesigned quite a bit, with the most noticeable change being the second screen in the rear of the car. In the back, between the front seats, is a second screen for rear seat passengers, giving them a simplified control center to the car’s infotainment functions. The front screen in the Model 3 has the same dimensions as the previous model, but it is brighter and functions quicker.

From the driver’s seat, there is one noticeable difference: the lack of turn signal and cruise control stalks. Yep, turn signals and other stalk-related functions are now buttons on the steering wheel. The interior has also gained a lot of acoustic engineering to reduce outside noise.

3. New suspension for a more luxurious ride

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2024 Tesla Model 3: A Facelift Goes a Long Way

The Tesla Model 3 is a luxury compact sedan. However, in practice, the Model 3 is often thrown into economy car-like conditions, being driven daily for rideshare purposes and long commutes alike. The old Model 3 was indeed a luxury sedan, but sometimes its minimalist design had the tendency to look a little more IKEA and a little less luxury sedan. This new Model 3 hopes to change that with better-designed seats and a brand-new suspension system.

This new suspension system works to reduce road noise while driving, a common complaint among Tesla Model 3 drivers. This suspension system also includes a newly redesigned set of tires meant to reduce vibrations over bumpy roads. The new Tesla Model 3 is a much-needed shake-up that puts the nameplate in the perfect position to compete with the best EVs in the world.