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Finally. The Tesla Model 3 has stayed basically the same since it was introduced in 2017. But now, some images are leaking of the long-rumored Model 3 update. The Model 3 matters to Tesla because it’s not just the company’s best-selling car, it was the third best-selling car of 2022.

The Tesla Model 3 update is coming soon

The Tesla Model 3 update won’t significantly change the car. That’s a good thing because the Model 3 sells well, drives well, and seems to check a lot of the right boxes for customers as it is. Some have seen Tesla test mules driving around with camouflage on the front and back. That likely means that it will get a new face and a new rump, according to Electrek.

In spy pictures, however, you can see the new upgrade will improve the interior with a new steering wheel inside.  Though we don’t know much about the refresh, when a car that is this popular gets an update, it’s significant. While the Model 3 looked futuristic when it debuted in 2017,  it’s popularity has reduced its wow factor and the cars seem ordinary as we see them almost every day.

What needs to be fixed on the Model 3?

A black Tesla Model 3 drives snowy roads.
Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

Since its introduction in 2017, owners have complained about a lot of the Model 3’s features and quirks. Model 3s are known to have issues with water getting into the trunk. The cool fastback styling leads to an interesting problem when you open the trunk in the rain: water comes right in. The update could address this problem.

Also, Model 3s tend to have squeaky front suspensions when, again, water corrodes the front bushings. Owners complain about “quaking” or squeaking as the rubber parts wear out due to water damage. Also, the door handles, which are supposed to pop out, sometimes stick or freeze shut. Many hope that an update would fix this common problem. You can remedy the door problem with stick-on handles, but they tend to ruin the car’s smooth lines.

How much does a Tesla Model 3 cost now?

This week Tesla increased the prices for all of its vehicles, except the Model 3. The Model S luxury sedan, X SUV and Y SUV all saw increases by $250 to $1,000. The Model 3, however, did not get a price increase. The Model 3 starts at $40,240.

However, most don’t order a base Tesla Model 3. The Long Range version boosts the cars range from 272 miles on a full charge to 325 miles on a full charge. The extra juice also gives it more power, which means that you get a car that’s significantly quicker and faster than the base version. It starts at $47,240.

The Model 3 Performance version starts at $53,240. It has stunning performance, indeed, with a 3.1-second 0-60 time that means it can beat most supercars in a drag race. It also comes with a larger battery that gives you 315 miles of range.


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