3 Big Reasons the Toyota Tacoma Is Better Than the Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger released its fourth generation in 2019 with an all new mid-sized truck to compete with the likes of others in its class like the Toyota Tacoma. The Tacoma’s third gen, released in 2016, is still going strong. Here are 3 big reasons the Toyota Tacoma is better than the Ford Ranger.

The Tacoma is a better off-roader

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

The Toyota Tacoma is a better off-road for multiple reasons. Its nose has a better angle for navigating rugged terrain in addition to nearly an entire inch more ground clearance. In addition, its articulation is miles above the Ford Ranger –– as seen in the video below.

Manual transmission

It is the only truck between the two that offers a manual transmission with its V6 engine, which lends heightened off-road maneuverability. This is a truck designed for exploration that requires exiting the pavement.

An interior view of the Tacoma

Where it lacks in luxury interior or a smooth ride on-road, the Toyota Tacoma makes up for it with its all terrain capability.

For instance, the Tacoma’s TRD off-roading trims feature shock absorbers that really lend something extra as well as a lockable center differential to improve its go-anywhere abilities for which the Tacoma is so well known. And all this is so much more fun with the manual option.

Cool cameras

Some new strategically placed cameras help drivers avoid any obstacles that could cause damage to the frame. This is an innovation inspired by the Taco’s off-road prowess.

It’s uniquely user friendly

The Toyota Tacoma has a reputation as a hardcore ute that doesn’t play around. Unless by play around you mean climb rocks and maneuver through sand or snow. Its utilitarian theme doesn’t try to act like it’s something it isn’t.


There is no plush interior to be found. The truck is a little tall, and takes some slight athleticism just to climb into. It wants an owner that’s adventurous and appreciates the functional quality that this pickup has to offer.

A user friendly infotainment system is new for the 2020 model and helps the Tacoma keep up with modern tech. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity are featured in the 2020 Tacoma technology.

Composite truck bed

In addition to infotainment technology, the Tacoma offers a composite truck bed, while the Ford Ranger’s is made of steel. The Tacoma’s lighter composite bed doesn’t ship scratches and you won’t need a bed liner.

I addition to that, the Toyota Tacoma offers unique and user friendly movable die down cleats. Optional storage boxes are a cool upgrade, and there is a power outlet in the truck bed for extra convenience.

It’s standard extras are things we don’t want to live without

The Tacoma isn’t knocked out at the base level offered for around 26 grand, but it does have some standard features that the Ford Ranger lacks. The Toyota safety suite includes collision mitigation and pedestrian detection.

Adaptive cruise control

The Ford Ranger boasts similar safety features, but it doesn’t have standard adaptive cruise control. Once you’ve used this on a road trip, you don’t really want to go back to something without it. For an off-road adventure pickup, it’s a bit of a deal-breaker.

Folding rear seats

And while the Ford Ranger may have a slightly more spacious feel to its cabin and plusher interior options, the Tacoma’s rear seats fold down.

The fact the the Ranger doesn’t offer this simple function is a mystery which definitely sets it back. The folding rear seats are a functional game-changer for overflow cargo space with the option of protection from the elements.

The Tacoma or the Ranger?

The Ford Ranger may boast better fuel economy, more responsive acceleration and a greater maximum tow capacity, but the Tacoma has it beat elsewhere.

The Toyota Tacoma offers an engine that gets the job done with the added bonus of a manual transmission option. If you’re looking for a truck that sports interior to exterior utility, the Tacoma is a great option.

On the other hand – if you want a truck with a heavier tow capacity and plush cabin experience, the Ford Ranger is a better option. Each truck has plenty to offer, it just depends what features are most important to you.

Fourth generation Ford Ranger