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Toyota is a popular Japanese automotive manufacturing company that has been in business for many years. They started making motor vehicles in 1933, and business is going stronger than ever today. From cars to pickup trucks, to SUVs, they build quality vehicles that last.

Many businesses look to Toyota to see just what makes them so successful in the automotive business. The answer might surprise those looking for specific techniques. The key to their success lies not in the methods they implement so much as their cultural psyche. Hot Cars explains how that psyche translates into a prosperous company.

A brief overview of the Japanese psyche

The Japanese have seen many atrocities and disasters during their country’s history. The key to their survival has always been their resilience to move forward, despite the problems they’re facing.

They’ve adopted many powerful character traits that ensured the success Japan experiences today. Some of those include their ability to stay punctual and the discipline to work together as a community. They plan out their everyday lives, and they stick to the time frames that they set for themselves to get things done. People focus more on working as a group, and they don’t even toy with the idea of striking out on their own.

When it comes to work ethics, the Japanese fiercely devote themselves to their jobs, whether it be the president of the company, or a lay worker running the machines. For them, it’s not uncommon to have men working 16-18 hours a day and then follow their bosses to restaurants and clubs for meals and drinks afterward.

They would go home and sleep in the early morning hours. Then waking up, soon after, to go back to their job for another workday.

Top-notch engineers

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Toyota doesn’t mess around when it comes to their automotive engineers. They have created their own training program that includes an apprenticeship for engineering hopefuls wanting to become a part of the industry. The engineers they take on will not only prove to have extensive knowledge in the field, but also ones that will hold perfection to be a standard achievement for their products. Holding it as a goal to aspire to is simply unacceptable in their eyes.

To increase quality, engineers, from the beginning, would study American and British designed motors as well as transmissions. They would figure out how to make them even better. Then, they took that knowledge and used it to create their own original designs of engines or transmissions, which is what Toyota’s products are using today.

Every detail is fine-tuned until it’s as perfect as it gets and it’s sent off for installation on a Toyota car, truck, or SUV. When issues arise, they work diligently to find a solution quickly.

How they affect the quality of vehicles Toyota produces

The Japanese are not known for settling for second-best. They simply keep working at it until it’s the highest quality product available. This attitude goes for every minute detail to ensure that the vehicle you buy from them is the most reliable one you can get.

They refuse to pass a product off as being average, whether it’s a car or a kitchen appliance. It has to be number one without errors because that’s how they do everything in their lives.

Japan has been doing things this way for a long time, and it’s given them success in everything they do. Some of the vehicles they produced, like the Toyota Corolla, have been in production for a long time and it’s still a huge seller.

TA lot of their vehicles are one-owner cars kept for decades. They keep repairs to a minimum, and it’s usually just for regular maintenance.

Japan knows how to run a successful business. Each worker at the automotive plant will work together to create the final product, without question. No one stirs the pot, and no one tries to do their own thing. You get exactly what they set out to give you, which is a high-quality product that you can rely on.