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Toyota just dropped several concept ideas for its forthcoming Rangga truck. We are leading off with the sport truck idea just because it looks so good. But there are plenty of others you can see below. The point is that though Toyota isn’t giving any specifics about the truck, it remains a question mark whether it will make it to our shores. Should it?

The Rangga has its first showing now at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show. Its premise is as a cab-only truck open to any type of customizations the buyer wishes to do. To further that idea, it is showing these Rangga concepts with local up-fitters to sign prospective buyers up for building the back half. 

Could the idea of a customizable back half work in the U.S.?

2025 Toyota Rangga truck with stock pickup bed
2025 Toyota Rangga truck | Toyota

In the U.S., there are plenty of local up-fitters too, but if Toyota were to bring the small truck here, we envision it offering two or three basic bodies to kick off whatever the owner wishes to have. As of now, with so little actual information about the Rangga, we don’t know if it will be available in any guise other than the single cab shown here.

2025 Toyota Rangga cargo truck
2025 Toyota Rangga truck | Toyota

So maybe a cargo box, pickup bed, and flatbed could be the standard offerings. Or the owner can opt for the bare cab only and build whatever custom they may want. Would this work in the U.S.? Could it work? The idea isn’t new, as all pickup manufacturers also sell cab-only versions for fleet customers. 

Does the Toyota Rangga have the look of a Lego truck to you?

2025 Toyota Rangga truck concept
2025 Toyota Rangga truck | Toyota

But no truck-maker makes a bare-bones truck quite like the Rangga. And that’s its appeal. That, and its Lego-like, boxy, modular design. Everything seems to be taking on this flat surface, simple upright design language, and the Rangga has it in extremes. 

2025 Toyota Rangga truck with utility box
2025 Toyota Rangga truck | Toyota

Toyota’s efforts to push the customizability narrative include a contest. Indonesians can participate in creating their own renderings to show what they would do or at least like to see. A template is available, and the gallery of its renderings acts as inspiration. The first prize gets 100 million Indonesian rupiahs or about $6,500 U.S. 

How much will the Toyota Rangga cost?

2025 Toyota Rangga truck rendering as ice cream truck in pink, white, and blue
2025 Toyota Rangga truck | Toyota

Oh, and the name Rangga comes from the Javanese word “Ronggo.” Java is an Indonesian island. It means something like a hero, with all the aura that comes with such a description.  

For now, we’ll need to be patient as Toyota hasn’t given any technical info, the timeline for production, or an idea of the Rangga’s price. And, of course, if it is coming to our shores. But if a funky, body-on-frame truck the size of a Ford Maverick is appealing to you, we hope the Japanese automaker decides to bring it to the U.S. It is a completely different type of truck we’ve not seen here, where everything truck-like seems to have been exhausted for a while. Let us know what you think.


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