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You have probably run into a small pickup truck or two if you have seen any new cars lately. With rising gas prices, it seems small trucks like the Ford Maverick might be taking over some of the market the Toyota Tacoma once solidly held.

Why are small pickup trucks killing off the Toyota Tacoma?

The small pickup truck might kill the Toyota Tacoma
The Toyota Tacoma and the Ford Maverick small pickup truck parked on the street | Toyota, Ford

Gone are the days of bulky trucks being your only option. With the advent of the small pickup trucks like the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz, people don’t need mid-size trucks like the Toyota Tacoma.

The small trucks do it all, can carry and tow a fair amount, and you can even park in a typical spot. When buyers used to have very few truck options to choose from, the market has grown substantially in the last two years alone.

Now that gas prices are on the rise, there seems to be a natural change. People are focusing on saving money at the pump, which might mean having a small pickup truck. If the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz can do almost everything the Toyota Tacoma can do, why not?

The small pickup truck craze has the potential to steal fans of the Toyota Tacoma

The market itself is changing before everyone’s eyes. Buyers are already moving away from small cars and looking toward SUVs and trucks. Beyond that, many people are deciding to switch to electric vehicles from gasoline vehicles.

But the Toyota Tacoma truck definitely isn’t going to go easily. It has been the best-selling mid-size pickup truck for the last 16 years. A lot has changed over the previous 16 years, and if anything is going to knock it off its pedestal, could it be the Ford Maverick?

Those who live in urban areas or areas without assigned parking might benefit from the small pickup truck craze. These trucks are easier to park thanks to being compact. There is also a lot of technology to make parking and driving easier, like driver assistance features.

The Toyota Tacoma isn’t going anywhere, but this trend is just ramping up


Toyota Tacoma Is the Best-Selling Small Pickup for 16 Consecutive Years

New technology has given buyers a lot more power. You no longer need a large truck to get wood home or bring some new plants home with you. Drivers can still park in the city and get coffee before jumping into the truck and going camping for the weekend.

A small pickup truck isn’t going to take the place of any full-size pickup truck for towing trailers and heavy loads. However, it is going to take the place of those who only dabble in needing light towing capability. Small pickup trucks are more like an SUV but more capable. Plus, these compact vehicles usually have better fuel economy.

Plus, the low entry prices mean you can customize the small pickup truck however you want. Small pickup trucks are here to stay. What that means for the Toyota Tacoma is still to be determined, but get ready to see more trucks on the road.