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Ready or not, truck changes are coming. It feels like the Ford Maverick just came out, but a stout mid-cycle refresh is already almost here. Clues suggest that the 2025 Ford Maverick will have advanced tech, despite being advertised as an affordable option. 

2025 Ford Maverick: What changes to expect 

The 2025 Ford Maverick is coming in even hotter with a mid-cycle refresh. The latest clues suggest that incredible tech upgrades are on the way.

Spy shots of the interior show a massive new touchscreen. It appears to be the 13.2-inch unit that’s currently found in the 2023 Ford Escape and Ford Mustang. 

It pairs with Ford Sunce 4 software, so the Maverick should have more advanced software as well. Based on this, it’s safe to assume that it’s not getting the latest Ford Digital Experience software. 

Also, you can eliminate rumors about the Maverick gaining the Ford Ranger’s portrait-oriented touchscreen. 

But the current Maverick has an 8.0-inch screen and the Ford Sync 3 software, so this is a solid upgrade. I’m excited about the extra options, improved graphics, and larger camera views. If a 360-degree camera view is added, then hot dog! 

Rumors suggest that a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster is covered up. The cluster in the current Maverick is pretty basic, but that’s sort of the point. It’s a basic truck to keep costs down. 

The rear end is heavily covered in camouflage which could mean two different things. Ford could be testing lidar tech on the Maverick for the addition of BlueCruise hands-free driving. However, that would really add to the price. 

The simple explanation is that the Maverick is getting camera upgrades to simplify towing with hitch views and reverse guidance systems. But the Maverick can only tow 4,000 lbs. Hopefully, new towing tech means it’s getting stronger. 

Another humble tech upgrade could be the addition of standard wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto on all trim levels. 

But what’s the rush? Ford is struggling to produce enough of these little trucks to meet demand. They’re selling like crazy as is. But we could see the new model with a refreshed look and new tech soon.